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Repeat offenders can be fined up to 1500 Euros (about $1,750). Entrez votre aéroport de destination et les dates de voyage et comparez en quelques secondes des milliers d'offres de vols à partir de Malte. to -15/8 except for pax from BA, RS, ME, HR and for pax from EU and Schengen areas with negative COVID test no older than 48h at the time of entry (16/7-15/8). Vos Conseillers des Français de l’étranger. Tous les autres vols commerciaux prévus pour les mois de novembre et décembre ont été annulés. Yes, Are U.S. citizens required to quarantine? Network reduced to 45 EU & 14 long-haul routes (15/6-) [26/5]. As of 5 August 2020, air passengers arriving from certain countries, including the United States, must present “results of a negative virology COVID-19 test (a PCR test for example), carried out less than 72 hours before the flight” or they will not be allowed to board their flight to France. 11 long-haul routes from ZRH in July, 17 by October. Then, 50% by end September, 60% by end October to serve 170 destinations, 85% of its usual network [12/7]. List of "epidemiologically safe countries" contains 30 states from 31/7 [4/8]. Operates ~37 EU destinations in July [30/6]. Specialists and Embassy Speakers’ Program, Presidential Message on the 75th Anniversary of Victory in Europe Day, Remarks by Deputy National Security Advisor Matt Pottinger to the Miller Center at the University of Virginia, Novel Coronavirus: Proclamation on Suspension of Entry as Immigrants and Nonimmigrants, Middle East Peace Plan: CNN Interview with Jared Kushner, The United States Condemns Attempts by PRC-Affiliated Actors to Steal American COVID-19 Research, The United States government has not purchased any masks intended for delivery from China to France, Presidential Message on the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge, Secretary Pompeo’s Meeting with French Foreign Minister Le Drian, Secretary Michael R. Pompeo with Lea Salame of France Inter, Joint Statement of the United States and France on the Strategic Dialogue, U.S. and French colleagues work together on COVID-19 cure, Ambassador Jamie D. McCourt U.S.: Mission France Policy Priorities – Four Pillars of Action, The Embassy will be closed on Monday, September 3 for Labor Day, President Donald J. Trump Proclaims November 2017 as National Native American Heritage Month, The Embassy will be closed on Monday, September 4 for Labor Day. Check with the website of each city. Will reduce capacity 20% to 60 aircraft by 2022 [21/4]. Cuts 1,000 IE to and from GB flights in Aug. and Sep. due to quarantine restrictions in IE [15/7]. Reduced transatlantic schedules to NY, Boston and Chicago [30/6]. approval (-31/8). Pax from BG, RO, AE to present <72H negative PCR test before arrival, with exceptions (31/7-15/8). PLF form must be completed upon arrival. For non-Schengen EU member States, same restrictions for BG, HR, RO, GB and MC. Pax allowed from EU, EFTA and EU27 green states (see EU27) (15/7-31/8) and pax allowed from LB, ID, AE, TR and JO (15/7-31/8). We refer you to the, Beginning Friday, October 30, a new, nationwide lockdown will be in effect 24 hours per day. International flights allowed (15/6-31/8) from states with reciprocity measures [23/6]. Non EU/non EAA flights are subject to approval from Ministry of Transport (31/7-) [4/8]. 14-day self-isolation mandatory for pax not on 'green list' (30/7-). Proof of negative COVID test, or testing upon arrival, quarantine only if test positive. À compter du vendredi 13 novembre 2020, tous les voyageurs arrivant à Malte depuis l’un des pays cités ci-dessous sont dans l’obligation de présenter le résultat négatif d’un test PCR à la COVID-19 réalisé dans les 72h précédant leur arrivée à Malte. Rules vary by city and can change quickly. Typically food shops, pharmacies remain open. EU and Schengen pax (13/6-) + EU27 additional countries (see EU27) allowed subject to random tests (-31/7), others not allowed. Schengen flights from any airport [2/7]. Stobart Air to resume int'l Aer Lingus Regional operations during Q3 [12/6]. Les autorités maltaises ont annoncé la réouverture de l'aéroport international pour les vols directs entre la France et Malte depuis le 1er juillet. Restarted pax flights to HKG, JFK, LAX, BGI, PVG, SFO, TLV, MIA and more destinations from 20/7 [24/7]. Extended interim schedule into August 2020 published, subject to travel restrictions [8/7]. Visa Services: Limited visa services are available in critical travel categories, including students and investors. Will start again operations from 15/7 with ~200 routes planned (15/7-26/8) [13/7]. The duration of transit must be less than 24 hours. Announced over 190 additional routes launch for summer 2020 [10/7]. Operates 90 routes as of 12/7. Borders will be opened to other countries based on the principle of reciprocity [14/7]. Are U.S. citizens required to quarantine? Priority to Moroccan residents and citizens for departures from Morocco [13/7]. Additional frequencies may be added from mid-July [7/7]. Testing is paid for by the individual, unless he/she is covered by French Health insurance (“Sécurité Sociale”). Possible testing on arrival 15/6- [1/6]. Quarantine on arrival (23/6-4/9). Border closed -10/8 [15/7]. EU/EEA/Schengen pax allowed except for pax from BG, HR, HU, LU, PT, RO, BE parts of SE (15/7-10/10)[22/7]. Negative PCR test mandatory for arrivals when traffic resumes [14/7]. Malte / Info COVID 19 (mise à jour 16 Mars)⚠️ A l'attention des français non-résidents à Malte qui se sont enregistrés auprès de cette Ambassade dans les délais impartis. Transavia France resumed operations to its 4 bases in France with 86 routes as of 12/7. Plans 30% European and 40% long-haul schedules for S20 (vs plan) [26/5]. Health Screening Form mandatory when travelling to/from a Dutch airport. Transit passengers through Charles De Gaulle Airport are being allowed under certain conditions. Africa Regional Services (ARS Paris) is a branch office of AF/PDPA located in Paris that supports AF posts’ public diplomacy activities. Quarantine on arrivals subject to infection rate of the country of origin (19/6-31/8) [23/6]. Voluntary quarantine for arrivals from GB [4/8]. Failing to wear a cloth face covering where required can result in a 135 Euro fine (approximately $150). A votre arrivée en France, une mesure de mise en quatorzaine ou de placement et maintien en isolement peut être prescrite à l’entrée sur le territoire national pour toute personne ayant séjourné à l’étranger qui présenterait des symptômes du Covid-19. Interim Intl flight schedule -31/8 includes 10 routes [9/7]. Le ministre de la Santé et vice-Premier ministre Chris Fearne a annoncé cette mesure, qui entrera en vigueur mercredi. Flights from AL, MK only to LGAV (-15/8). No, Is a negative COVID-19 test (PCR and/or serology) required for entry to France? Retrouvez les tarifs de billets d'avion au meilleur prix et horaires des vols de la compagnie Air France. Lauda to close its Stuttgart base 30/10- [16/7]. Possible testing on arrival 15/6- [1/6]. State of medical emergency (20/3-extended to 10/8). May close STN, NCL, SEN bases in UK [1/7]. You will not be permitted to leave the international zone to collect and recheck baggage. Open for EU/EEA nationals (1/7-). Everyone is expected to practice social distancing (one meter), use cloth face coverings, and avoid large gatherings that may spread the virus. Regular update of the list of opened countries. Open to flights from EU, EFTA, 12 green states (see EU27), GB with no restriction. Gradual restart (14/6-) with ~20 weekly flights across 9 routes (SI, DE, AT, FR, CH, DK) operated by end-June [8/6]. Please note this testing requirement applies only to travelers who are otherwise allowed to travel to France. COVID. International flights only to LJU, MBX, POW, except from epidemiologically safe countries in EU/Schengen area (-28/7). [1/7]. EU/Schengen, GB, AD, MC, VC, SM tourists allowed with no restriction (14/6-). Outdoor exercising and gatherings of people can be banned (varies from one State to another). International flights to IL allowed at Ben Gurion airport only (12/4-extended 1/9). Assistance for Victims of Crimes in France, U.S. Pax from ZA, IL, QA, BR, OM, DZ, TR, MG, IN, PE, KW, RS to present negative PCR test <72H or do PCR test on arrival (1/8-). Public transportation, grocery stores, and pharmacies are open. Government bail out (6/7) [9/7]. *Europe = ECAC 44 Member States**Forecast 2020 based on scenario 2. Currently, voluntary or mandatory (depending on country of origin) COVID-19 testing is required for some arriving travelers. Entry for foreign pax (15/6-) with health insurance that covers COVID-19 care and quarantine, 14-day quarantine mandatory for pax from countries “in the red zone” (more than 50 active COVID-19 cases per 100k people, list updated regularly by UA authorities). Anticipates to operate 54% of its 2019 capacities in Aug., 70% in Sep. 74% in Oct. [23/7]. Yes, By solomonsc | 20 April, 2020 | Topics: Alert, Messages for U.S. Citizens, News, U.S. Citizen Services | Tags: Coronavirus, Covid-19, health, Quarantine, Travel Restrictions, Virus. Please contact your nearest, Anyone entering France or transiting through France to reach the United States must have an attestation, available. Travel prohibited outside of EU and Schengen states + GB, NO, LI, CH, AD, MC, VA and SM (15/6-). The Visa Waiver Program (VWP) allows citizens of participating countries* to travel to the United States without a visa for stays of 90 days or less, when they meet all requirements. Other pax not allowed, with exceptions (3/8-17/8). Medical examination mandatory upon arrival and testing if symptoms. Plans to resume pax service to Mainland China, subject to approval [30/6]. Alerts and Messages for U.S. visitors to France. Flights from IR prohibited -22/9. Gradually operates 37 European and 2 intercontinental destinations from Belgrade (16/6-12/7), reaching 350 flights per week mid-July [22/6]. France has confirmed cases of COVID-19 throughout the country. Borders to start re-opening from 31/7. Les prochains vols AF-KLM Paris - Bogota partiront les 4, 11, 18 et 25 novembre et les 4, 11, 18, 23 et 30 décembre. Are U.S. citizens permitted to enter France? Plans 40% sched. In addition to the data, visualizations, forecasts and assessments above, here are some excellent external sources of information on State responses to COVID-19 and the restrictions they may apply to travelers to and from their borders. Negative test <72H and 10-day quarantine mandatory for third-country nationals arriving from Schengen area + IE, MC, RO, SM, GB, VA. No entry for third-country nationals arriving from out of Schengen area. Cependant, Air France a réussi à transférer tous les passagers des vols annulés sur les vols charters qui sont confirmés. A growing number of French cities now require cloth face coverings in outdoor areas throughout or in designated parts of the city. Cela prendra effet vendredi 11 Septembre à minuit. Entry for foreign pax (15/6-) with health insurance that covers COVID-19 care and quarantine, 14-day quarantine mandatory for pax from countries “in the red zone” (more than 50 active COVID-19 cases per 100k people, list updated regularly by UA authorities). For more information, or to schedule a visa appointment, please see: Ministry of Foreign Affairs website (in English), France Country Information and Travel Advisory page, Ministry of Foreign Affairs website (English version, Ministry of Foreign Affairs website (English version), Secretary Pompeo’s Meeting with French President Macron, Resources for Staying at Home During the COVID-19 Outbreak, Update on Travel Restrictions to the United States, Visit our FAQ Related to U.S. Citizens and COVID-19. Pax from BG, CA, GB, NO, RU, RO, RS, SE, JP, CN, US to present 2 negative PCR tests within the last 5 days before entry or quarantine. Site officiel d'Air Malta - la compagnie aérienne nationale des îles maltaises. No quarantine, no test [26/6]. Some States put restrictions on leaving home. Learn more about quality higher-education opportunities in the U.S. that you will not find anywhere else in the world. Our overview provides information on the impact of the pandemic on the traffic situation in Europe and how it has changed compared to last year. Transavia NL expects to reach >60 destinations (-1/8). Schools at the high school level and below remain open. À partir du 23 octobre, les passagers en provenance de la Belgique doivent fournir un résultat négatif d’un test PCR effectué dans les 72 heures avant leur arrivée à Malte. Only citizens/residents of or arriving from these countries (with stay over the last 10 days) are allowed entry with no COVID-19 test nor quarantine: EEA (except PT, SE, BG, RO). 1.März vs. 12. Resumed flights on 7/7 to GB, IT, ES and BE following the lift of restrictions with a flights program of ~250 flights/week [8/7]. Plan to operate 80% of its initial plan in 2021 (vs 2019) [12/6]. Will operate 6 routes from Abu Dhabi from October [12/7]. PCR test and quarantine mandatory for pax from high risk areas (red zone) and recommended for pax from orange zone areas (-31/8). Entry allowed from states in the EU green list (see EU27) (13/7-). Read our full, Air navigation services performance review, Communications, navigation and surveillance, Digitalisation and information management, Our member and comprehensive agreement states, EUROCONTROL's privacy and data protection policy. Plans to operate ~50 European destinations in July [19/6]. TUI DE plans to reduce fleet by 50% and drop long-haul flights [10/6]. > Le Consulat Plans to operate 72 direct routes from Barcelona to be operated in the coming months to ES, GB, BE, IT, PT, DE, CH and Nordic countries [6/7]. Borders to third countries re-opened for green states identified by EU or list amended by ministry of interior (-31/8). Plans to operate ~50% in August [24/7]. Plans to operate 35% of original plan in July and 40% in August. Plans to operate in July and August to ~70 destinations [2/7]. Travel abroad discouraged during the summer [26/5]. The data is collected from airlines, official NOTAMs, as well as national and Europe-wide news organisations. Accueil Nationals allowed to enter EU27 from 31st July (12 "green states"): AU, CA, GE, JP, MA, NZ, RW, KR, TH, TN, UY and CN (subject to reciprocity). Resumption of domestic flights (25/6-) [25/6]. Cloth face coverings are required on all public transportation and in all public spaces, including in the stations. Borders closed - Except to nationals of the State, or those with a residence permit. Offers 165 domestic routes for Summer, starting back flights in France (17/6-), Italy and Greece(18/6-) as well as Spain (25/6-) [18/6]. Persons may inquire about such allowances with the French Embassy in Washington, DC (visas@consulfrance-washington.org). Pax from AD, AT, BE, CY, CZ, DK, EE, FI, FR, GR, NL, HR, IE, IS, PL, LV, LI, LT, LU, MT, MC, DE, IT, SM, PT, KR, ES, CH, SK, SI, VA allowed without restrictions. Plans 17 additional destinations from August [22/6]. Link. Mandatory Passenger Locator Form (PLF) to be filled before departure (6/7-31/8). The IATA Travel Centre and their COVID-19 Travel Regulations Map delivers accurate passport, visa and health requirement information at a glance. In rare cases, the French government will consider allowing travel in humanitarian situations and in cases of business activity important to the French economy, and have announced a program to allow unmarried couples to reunite. At EUROCONTROL, we are working hard to support our partners during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sometimes going to work is OK, in other countries not allowed. For Azores, pax from infected areas (as per WHO list) to present negative PCR test <72H or be tested on arrival and isolate until results obtained, mandatory isolation if no compliance (3/8-15/8). Quarantine relaxed for +60 states (list at https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-travel-corridors#history) based on local prevalence (10/7-4/9), but Scotland differs (eg ES not included) [9/7]. Borders closed (16/3-20/8), partial re-opening for countries in Europe. In addition, France has imposed movement or travel controls on several of its overseas territories and departments. Private social gatherings that extend beyond members of the same house-hold are prohibited. We also use the following terms: The Information Resource Center (IRC) of the Embassy of the United States in France aims to serve those who need research, reference and documentation services on U.S. foreign and domestic policies. See the, U.S. citizens in France can obtain a COVID-19 PCR test at. Most travel from the Schengen area – including France – to the United States remains suspended at this time. Flies 41 destinations in Norway and 8 in Europe. For brevity we use the two-letter ISO country codes - learn more here. Yes. Avec la réouverture de l’aéroport de Bamako le 25 juillet 2020 à 0h00, les vols commerciaux ont repris (voir notre fiche sur les voyages aériens entre le Mali et la France) et il convient désormais de contacter directement les compagnies aériennes desservant le Mali pour acheter ses billets. Explore our new forecast looking at the possible evolution of air traffic in Europe over the coming 5 years. Will retire 6 A380s, 5 B747-400s (long-haul), 11 A320s (short-haul) [4/6]. Mandatory Passenger Locator Form (PLF) to be filled for all arriving pax (-31/8). Rising to 69 by end August, and 89 in Summer 2021 [8/7]. Resumed its operations to PVG (23/7-). Plans 50% of initially scheduled routes in July and 75% in August [3/6]. Non-essential travel should be avoided. Flight suspension until further notice linked to labour dispute (1/7-31/8)[16/7]. Transit of pax allowed for same states + TR (1/8-31/8). Will operate 1,600 flts/week in August (+24% vs July) to 75 routes (+24 vs July) and 52 airports (+16 vs July) [10/7]. Takes preventive measures seek agreement with creditors and avoid bankrupcy [7/7]. Dans ce cadre, plusieurs vols spéciaux (2 et 15 avril, 17 mai, 19, 22, 26, 29 et 30 juin, 3, 5, 6, 10, 13, 17, 20, 22, 25, 27, 29 juillet) ont eu lieu depuis le mois d’avril au départ de Bamako et à destination de Paris, en étroite coordination avec les autorités maliennes et Air France, permettant à plus de 6.000 personnes de rentrer en France. See EU27 for travel restrictions. The U.S. Embassy in Paris and the Consulate General in Strasbourg are evaluating the effects of the new confinement, and expect to maintain the following regular services: Broad restrictions on non-essential travel from many countries outside the European Union, including the United States, remain in place. These activities will require a written. Updates every 2 weeks. Max 80 new aircraft to 2023 for Group, a 50% cut [8/7]. 25% of flights to be cancelled this summer [10/6]. 14-day quarantine strongly advised for SE, RO, BG, 3 areas in ES, 1 area in PT, 1 area in GB, 1 area in BE; quarantine mandatory for all other travellers. International scheduled flights prohibited extended (-31/8) except for flights (passengers) from FR, DE, LV and Flights only allowed between TBS and CDG, MUC and RIX (21/7-31/8). Plans 500 flights/day in Europe equivalent to 900 flights/week to/from 14 UK airports (1/7-) [25/6]. This includes Parisand its suburbs, where cloth face coverings are required in all outdoor locations. For all other States except GE, JP, NZ, RW, KR, TH, TN, UR, CN , self-quarantine is recommended when arriving in Finland (27/7-25/8). In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, EUROCONTROL is publishing a regular comprehensive assessment of the latest traffic situation in Europe and provides a comparison to the same period in 2019. State-aid granted [21/7]. For Madeira, need for negative PCR test <72H or test on arrival + complete travel registration form. At EUROCONTROL, we manage your data responsibly and do not provide it to third parties. EU27 12 green third states (see EU27) are also allowed with mandatory quarantine (31/7-31/8). Will add from St Petersburg 9 routes to EU states in August and September, 5 routes to IT in Winter 2020-21 [15/7]. (-7/10) [2/8]. Int'l flights resumption not before 11/8. Expects 50% of planned pax for FY2021. Pax from Schengen area, EEA, CH, LI, GB, AN, AU, BG, CA, HR, CY, GE, JP, KR, MC, MA, NZ, RO, RW, SM, TH, TN, UY, VA are allowed, other countries are denied entry (3/8-3/9). 10-day quarantine on arrival (except for pax from regions in SE, several countries in EU/EE/Schengen area as per list). Slovakia No international flights (with exceptions) extended until 20/10 except from EU and associated states (except from SE, PT and RO) and from AU, CN, FO, JP, ME, NZ and KR [28/7]. Expects serve a route network of 51 destinations in Turkey and abroad in August [28/7]. EU/Schengen, GB, EU27 green states pax allowed. Entry and transit forbidden for pax who stayed/transited in the last 14 days in DZ, AM, BH, BD, BA, BR, CL, DO, KW, XK, MD, ME, MK, OM, A, PE, RS (1/8-10/8). For questions and corrections, please contact us. France is performing temperature checks and has announced they will soon begin rapid COVID testing for arriving and departing passengers. Le Royaume-Uni impose un quatorzaine aux voyageurs en provenance de France, de Monaco, des Pays-Bas et de Malte depuis le 15 aout 2020 afin de lutter contre la pandémie de Covid-19. Inbound pax require 'Cyprusflight pass' prior to boarding, extended to 20/10 [22/7]. Flights allowed from EU (excl. By 31/10, will double current offer to ~40% of 2019 schedule [9/7]. Balearic and Canaries): 14-day self-isolation when returning to UK (26/7-31/8) [4/8]. Voyager à Malte Mise à jour du 11/11/2020 - Test PCR obligatoire pour certains voyageurs. Flight capacity reduced by 50% (15/4-30/10). flight operations at Tegel airport to end on 8/11 [15/6]. Tourists from EU/Schengen, AD, MC, VA, SM, can visit (31/7-31/8). Pax allowed from EU/EEA (except SE, PT and LU), Schengen, GB. CityFlyer likely to close EDI base [24/7]. Foreign pax denied entry (20/5-extended 1/9) [24/7]. Resumed intl flights to EU states and CA (1/7-), KR (3/7-) and JP (3/7-). Contact your airline for updated status on your scheduled flight(s). Aeroflot Group planning, by 2027/2028, to transition Aeroflot as a widebody-only fleet while Pobeda and Rossiya would fly all the regional and narrowbody aircraft [16/7]. Entry of Pax from EU States, Schengen, GB, IE, SM, AD, MC, VA, JO, UA, MK, RS, AL, XK, BA, ME, MD, IL, KW + EU "green states" (see EU27) allowed. Gradual resumption of international flights (1/8-). U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents may return to the United States. 10-day quarantine for pax who have been in risk areas in the 14 days prior to their arrival (-20/8). Some delay to long-haul return, expected 2nd week August [15/7]. Opened new base in Naples on 3 July from where it will operate flights to 9 destinations in Italy and 8 abroad [4/7]. This is the official website of the U.S. Embassy & Consulates in France. With this summary, we keep you updated on the latest measures taken by European States and major European airlines, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Charter flights for seasonal workers, repatriation flights permitted (2/8-15/8). For more information, we refer you to the. Yes, Are health screening procedures in place at airports and other ports of entry? Pax on int’l flights must complete a Public Health Form on-line or on paper (1/7-). Covid-19 : Une situation alarmante dans les hôpitaux de l’Oriental. Negative test <72 hours mandatory for other countries (1/8-31/8). Plans 3% capacity short-haul only (Apr20-Mar21), gradual increase to reach pre-COVID level by 2022 [27/4]. For foreign citizens who want to live permanently in the United States. 45% of normal schedule in early autumn [1/7]. Failure to wear a face covering when required may result in a fine of approximately $150. Operates 25% of its capacity July (vs July 2019). Cela signifie que les voyageurs en provenance de ces villes devront obtenir un test COVID-19 négatif moins de 72 heures avant leur vol vers Malte. Resumption of int’l flights (max 150 pax with negative test document) conditional on infection rate and govt. The Government of France imposed a new … Les autorités de l'île de Malte ont ordonné lundi la fermeture des discothèques et bars de nuit pour tenter d'endiguer la hausse des contaminations au nouveau coronavirus. Religious services, non-essential stores, restaurants (other than for take-out), gyms, bars, and entertainment centers –including museums, theaters, and Disney –are closed. Slightly less nb of routes on long-haul (59 vs 69) [23/7]. Borders opened (13/6-) for EU citizens without quarantine [10/6]. Non-compliance with the mask, curfew, or lockdown requirements can lead to a fine of 135 Euros for a first offense. Aide spéciale CoVid-19 : Dossier à déposer avant le 6 novembre 2020, délai de rigueur. Restored 40% of its network operation in July (vs July 2019). April vs. 8. Expects 35-40 aircraft in use this Summer (v.150, ~25%). Intl flights to resume 11/8- [14/7]. Sched. External links to other Internet sites should not be construed as an endorsement of the views or privacy policies contained therein. No quarantine for epidemiologically safe countries, others quarantined (8/6-28/7). Resumed domestic flights from 1/6 and international flights from 11/6 [15/6]. Luggage must be checked through to your final destination. Cela prendra effet vendredi 11 Septembre à minuit. Passenger Locator Form (PLF) may be requested. Nb of routes to be served on European network similar to 2019 (91 routes vs 92). Quarantine on arrivals subject to infection rate (>25 for 100K) of the country of origin (16/7-) [4/8]. Medical certificate or COVID-19 test mandatory within 48h for other pax (1/8-30/9). Les voyageurs qui ne parviennent pas à produire un tel test, pourraient être soumis à un test et/ou une quarantaine dès leur arrivée à Malte. This interactive tool provides you with the information that you need to confidently plan your European travel and holidays, while staying healthy and safe. No foreign pax flights with exceptions (quarantine applies) (-13/8) [13/7]. We try to provide stakeholders and passengers with the most up-to-date information and resources available to help guide their decisions through the COVID-19 pandemic. En raison du contexte sanitaire et des restrictions de déplacement, notre programme de vol va être adapté à partir du 2 novembre. Delivery of a pass subject to epidemiological situation of the country of origin and negative test (20/6-). Resumes int’l flights (76 EU routes) (1/7-) [16/6]. People will be unable to leave their place of residence exception for certain, defined, permitted activities. U.S. citizens will be able to return to the United States. U.S. Citizens with emergencies, please call, Outside of Office Hours, contact: The French government has defined. 14-day quarantine mandatory for nationals without negative test (-15/9) [22/7]. Completed Passenger Health Form mandatory (-10/8). For more information regarding entry into France, we refer you to the. PCR tests cost between 70 and 80 euros. European operations to ES, IT and PT restart (1/7-). [1] Les autorités maltaises continuent de déployer des efforts pour assurer dans la mesure de possible votre rapatriement en France. Intra–EU and Schengen borders re-open from 15/6 unless specified by State (info available at https://reopen.europa.eu/en/). For travel to the United States on a temporary basis, including tourism, temporary employment, study and exchange. Transiting passengers may not leave the international zone and will not be admitted to France. flights from 1/7, 60% from 1/8 and possibly 70% from 1/9 [27/7]. Expects 25%-50% of demand for S20 (vs S19). Will add 100 routes to its July schedule (1/8-) [17/7].

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