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20 baht for a soda while you sit back an enjoy the view from an oceanside cafe. Most drivers were quoting on a per person basis and we were quoted ‎฿150 each to our hotel the Lanta Sand by at least three drivers. Looks like and amazing place to dive as well; your underwater pictures are great! Although the cost of diving off Koh Lanta is much pricier than other locations in Thailand, the general consensus by experienced divers is that it’s worth it. The following two tabs change content below. The beaches are said to get quieter and more relaxing the further South you go. When it’s not inhabited by jellyfish, you can even stay in Koh Mook and travel to other islands from here. I dislike being in a swimsuit at the best of times and as a three month in reformed smoker still on patches this clearly wasn’t the place for me. Hi, I'm Cassie, and I've been solo travelling the globe since May 2018. Thailand is neighbor to me but I’m yet to visit the country. I was thankfully not required to take a refresher with Andaman Dive Adventure. Instead, we simply had longer to enjoy Koh Ngai. It’s better to be safe than sorry. How did you get there? Actually, I made similar experiences since I visited Koh Lanta some years ago and I can confirm that things might going to happen in an own way. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Thankfully, everyone was very understanding about this (as we should be since it’s a freaky thing totally out of the tour guides control). Many Phuket tour operators will be able to pre-arrange it all for you for a premium. Même Denis Brogniart ne peut résister à son charme : "D'accord avec vous Manon est très jolie!" From Phuket It is possible to travel by boat from Phuket to Ko Lanta during the dry season, but it means going via Phi Phi. If you are coming by road from Trang or Krabi, you will also pass through Sala Dan and depending on where you are staying, you may get taken straight to your accommodation or you may have to change vehicles in Sala Dan. Mais si l'on pourra découvrir une Manon sportive et aventurière sur le petit écran, son compte Instagram nous permet également d'en savoir un peu plus sur son quotidien dans la vie de tous les jours. Nowhere during the booking process did Phuket Ferry state which carrier the tickets were on. Unspoilt beaches and a very laid-back, low-key atmosphere make the island a great place to visit. I tried to clarify if everyone needed to go to kiosk 7 giving we were all going to different places, but I was ignored. The seats were not particularly comfortable. I was also looking for an easy, safe journey and a reputable agency. It’s easy to find vegan food in Koh Lanta as all restaurants will sell some variety of vegan options, though the quality will be mixed and the food may be a little plain. I described the four main beaches above but with a scooter you can go further South and find your own deserted beach too. The rear deck was populated by pretty young things in bikinis, smokers and people taking pictures. Compare Ko Lanta accommodation and prices », Thailand advice and frequently asked questions. I had done zero research on what to pay given I though our transfer was included and prepared myself to be ripped off as only those fresh off the boat without a clue can be. The transfer was in a shared van and we were the first to be collected. Good to know the different options for the ferry crossing, and costs. We went to Koh Ha. Buses depart from the bus station in Phuket Town to Krabi from where you can decide from the options given above in the Krabi section. After three wonderful days in Koh Lanta, we also caught the Ao Nang Princess Koh Lanta to Krabi ferry. Ko Lanta is actually made up of two islands, Ko Lanta Noi (noi = small) and Ko Lanta Yai (yai = large), but you will usually hear people simply referring to Ko Lanta and this will mean the larger of the two islands where the accommodation and the beaches are to be found. After a few attempts (and several browser warnings) I discovered they had five options leaving at 8.30am, two speedboats priced between AUD$48 – AUD$52 per person and three ferries between AUD$30 – $32 per person. I stayed here at Long Beach – purely due to the cheap accommodation options – and loved it. Please remember, animal welfare comes first, and listen to the advice of your host before approaching animals. Ao Nang Princess had life jackets in easy reach on each seat and I felt about 1000 times safer than I did on our nightmare ride with Scoot Fast Cruises in Indonesia. All boats arrive at Sala Dan and are greeted by representatives of the various bungalows, resorts and hotels. Getting around will mean hiring a motorbike or relying on transport from the owners of wherever you are staying. Have you been to Koh Lanta? I was mistaken. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The driver was right on time. The photo below is of my friend Karen at a local bar overlooking the beach. Instead, I’ve been isolating and changing my plans to suit current restrictions. Once we were underway one of the crew gave a briefing and made sure everyone knew when they were getting off. The service (including the many snacks) was highly appreciated. We waited for the mêlée to die down a bit and made sure we had clear line of sight of our bags before we dove in. All diving photo credits go to Matt Pearson. As we passed through the gate the staff were checking the stickers folks were wearing and directing them accordingly. The national park is known for breathtaking views, a unique nature trail and intriguingly, a lighthouse. If you prefer the faster ride of the speedboat, try this one. Each passenger disembarking at Salandan Pier Koh Lanta must pay a ‘clean up’ fee of ‎฿10. Whilst the majority of tourists stay at Klong Dao (popular with families) or Pra Ae Beach, better known as Long Beach, which stretches for 4km of white sand. There is no seating outside, but both the upper and lower decks were strewn with people enjoying the sunshine and uninterrupted sea views. All luggage must be left on the deck and bags are arranged by destination. 24:24. Tofu balls, vegan pancakes and cute cats at Potato Cafe (near Long Beach, Koh Lanta). Next up of the main beaches is Klong Khong beach and finally Klong Nin beach. We picked one we liked the look of and started the dance. Departure times are 11.30 and 14.30. Diving with Andaman Dive Adventure is one of the best things to do on Koh Lanta. My pick up was 8:20am and I arrived back at my guesthouse around 4pm. It cost me 300K baht on the way back and the minibuses go around once an hour. My pick up was 7:10am and I arrived back at my guesthouse around 4pm. Cost: 200 baht per day to rent a scooter (bargaining down is possible). Where to Stay . You can explore the South of the island and Mu Koh National Park by scooter but beware I was warned the roads are pretty bad – wide but bumpy with potholes. 0 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ‘kohlanta’ hashtag . While Klook does issue electronic vouchers, I always print a copy just in case I have any issues with my phone or connectivity. (19 PHOTOS), Koh-Lanta Thaïlande : les plus jolies photos Instagram de la belle Cassandre (13 PHOTOS), Tour de France 2015 : les plus belles hôtesses en images (26 PHOTOS), Tournages, amis, Denitsa... Les plus belles photos Instagram de Rayane Bensetti (PHOTOS), Karine Ferri : shooting, selfies et coulisses... Ses plus belles photos Instagram (PHOTOS), Koh-Lanta : Manon, la bombe de l'édition 2015, en couple avec un volleyeur professionnel. Multiple boats were moored and their passengers were all milling around the various check in counters. 100% vegan and vegetarian options, this highly-rated restaurant is definitely worth checking out. This makes me miss Asia and snorkeling and diving! (Edited by myself for the blog post.) While whale sharks, rays and turtles had been recently spotted there, on my trip we largely saw many varieties of individual and huge schools of fish. She loves a short break and she frequently travels through Asia, Australia and the Pacific in luxury for less. This all looks incredible! This costs 450 baht and 850 baht respectively. I looked at Phuket Ferry first. Rassada Pier has two departure gates and we were directed to gate 2 on the right hand side when facing the water. Discounts usually apply for multiple days diving. The Pimali Resort overlooking the stunning Kantiang Beach is often rated the best in Thailand so definitely worth visiting if you’re going to Thailand for a special occasion! There were thousands of jellyfish EVERYWHERE! Perfectly romantic for couples or a lazy retreat for friends in need of a break, I also felt incredibly comfortable there as a  solo traveller. It was a short 10 minute ride in the open air side car attached to a scooter and the cool breeze was most welcome in the scorching midday sun. Popular diving spots for all divers: Koh Ha (which was recommended to me as, though very popular from Koh Lanta, the tourists from Koh Phi Phi do not visit this one), Koh Rok and Koh Bida, Popular diving spots for experienced divers only: Hin Deang/ Hin Muang and Kled Keow Wreck. Flight ticket first then everything else. Transport on Ko Lanta Ban Sala Dan (or Sala Dan as its usually referred to) on Ko Lanta’s small north coast is the gateway to the rest of the island. All tour operators in Krabi Town and Ao Nang can arrange this for you. You can book tours and transport directly here. We landed at Phuket’s upgraded international airport late at night and departed first thing the next morning. Get Your Guide had the same trip for ~AUD$42 and 12Go were out of the mix at ~AUD51. Wear reef-safe sunscreen before getting in the sea! We were directed to the far left. Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know. The seats right at the front were lower, but the rows were closer together so we stayed put. All the beaches are located on the west of the island. Ko Lanta is actually made up of two islands, Ko Lanta Noi (noi = small) and Ko Lanta Yai (yai = large), but you will usually hear people simply referring to Ko Lanta and this will mean the larger of the two islands where the accommodation and the beaches are to be found. This option exists year-round, unlike the boat which suspends operation in the rainy season due to rough seas. Come join me on my adventures! I was literally at 1% when we arrived. Koh-Lanta is a French reality game show based on the popular international Survivor format. Say no to plastic straws, otherwise, beach cafes will automatically put one in your drink, Diving is one of the best things to do in Koh Lanta and my personal highlight. I offered ‎฿200 in total and she accepted. This is such a detailed post. This is how it looks from the boat hahaa. Definitely recommend Koh Lanta for anyone either needing something super relaxing or after fun activities. Just beautiful. The highly reviewed Koh Rok snorkelling tour is said to have gorgeous coral reefs, turquoise waters and many varieties of tropical fish. This looks like such an amazing activity to do, I arrived alone in New Zealand in March 2020 with the intention of living and working in Auckland for 6-12 months to save money. The show is broadcast on TF1 and there have been 17 regular seasons, and 4 special seasons. Enjoy. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Mind the monkeys though, they might look cute but it’s advised you keep your distance and don’t open food around them. Ko Lanta is an enjoyably quiet destination, although it has seen a steady rise in visitors in recent years. our nightmare ride with Scoot Fast Cruises in Indonesia. I have been to Phuket a couple of times too and would love to explore the place a bit more. We needed a Koh Lanta ferry that departed from Rassada Pier and arrived at Saladan Pier and after weighing up all the options we decided to use Ao Nang Travel & Tour Co Ltd. Read on for all the details …. Cost: Again, I’ve seen this tour quoted at anything from 800K to 1500K, depending on whether it’s long tail or speed boats and the quality of the tour company. You will get a private room with a proper massage table (with a hole for the head) and are able to choose an essential oil. We arrived at Saladan Pier Koh Lanta about 30 mins behind schedule at 1.15pm. 2.5 hours). Thank you for sharing your experience. We always travel with a collapsible backpack which folds down to barely nothing so I whipped it out and threw everything in. Things don’t always run smoothly in Thailand so I was pleasantly surprised to find the staff were very efficient in dealing with the throng (and much more pleasant than the driver!). Weird, but whatever. All said and done, our ferry from Phuket to Koh Lanta was fuss free and I have no real complaints. What beautiful beaches! She believes there is a time to save and a time to splurge. Rough seas and poor underwater visibility make diving a no-no during this period. Just as easy to organise but around 10x the cost at 3000 baht. Et qui dit nouvelle aventure, dit nouveaux candidats, et la jeune Manon a particulièrement tapé dans l'oeil des internautes hier soir, qui n'ont pas hésité à commenter son physique avantageux. It is possible to avoid all these shenanigans by travelling from Krabi by mini-bus. However, this post may contain affiliate links to things such as products and services which I have personally used. The series premiered on August 4, 2001. . I’m more of a snorkelling person, so would definitely enjoy that, and the gorgeous beaches and sunsets in Koh Lanta. 9 Comments Filed Under: Travel, Asia Tagged: Koh Lanta, Krabi, Phuket, Thailand. We saw a cheap Jetstar International flight from Sydney to Phuket some time ago. Don’t forget to book your ferry with Klook a few days in advance to avoid any issues as ferries do fill up in peak season. It is always confusing when booking ferry journeys in Thailand. Many people visit Koh Lanta from Koh Phi Phi, Phuket or Krabi. ‘The family were really nice.’ She also recommended the Majestic Bar calling it ‘fantastic, it’s one of those bars that always gets a mention online and has amazing cocktails.’. I consoled myself that it wasn’t as bad as the ferry we took from El Nido to Coron which was freezing. The lower deck houses the toilets and a small shop selling drinks and snacks. Koh Lanta would be our first stop, so the next logical step was finding a decent ferry from Phuket to Koh Lanta. The Koh Lanta ferry was operated by Phi Phi Cruiser (AUD$46). And then everything hurt. Not surprisingly, Ko Lanta island is at its busiest during the dry season. Bon anniversaire Ophélie Meunier : découvrez ses plus belles photos Instagram (PHOTOS), Jen Selter : Les meilleures photos Instagram des plus belles fesses du web (25 PHOTOS), Ashton Kutcher : les plus belles photos Instagram de l'acteur et mari de Mila Kunis (PHOTOS), Jade Lagardère dans Fort Boyard : retour sur ses plus belles photos Instagram (PHOTOS), Corps de rêve, voyages et photos avec les Miss... Les plus belles photos Instagram de Laury Thilleman (PHOTOS), Au coeur de... (NRJ12) : les plus belles photos Instagram d'Ellen Batelaan (VIDEO), Selfies, bikinis, vacances au soleil... Angélique (Koh-Lanta) s'éclate sur Instagram (PHOTOS), Aurore Kichenin : les plus belles photos Instagram de la représentante de la France pour Miss Monde 2017 (PHOTOS), Joyce Jonathan : Ses meilleures photos Instagram (19 PHOTOS), Jesta (Koh-Lanta, L'île au trésor) présente Cara, son "bébé" (19 PHOTOS), Camille Lou : clichés ensoleillés, sport et chéri... Ses plus belles photos Instagram, Louane : selfies, tournées et rencontres avec les stars... Ses plus belles photos Instagram, Chéri, bisous, bikinis et chat... Les plus belles photos Instagram de Joy Esther, Marine Lorphelin : Voyages, selfies sexy et bikinis... Ses plus belles photos Instagram, Karim Benzema : son look, ses amis et ses voitures de luxe... Ses plus belles photos Instagram. In my opinion Koh Lanta is definitely worth the trip since it is such beautiful island and not yet that full of mass tourism like other Thai isles, at least in the time I have been there. We needed a Koh Lanta ferry that departed from Rassada Pier and arrived at Saladan Pier and after weighing up all the options we decided to use Ao Nang Travel & Tour Co Ltd. Read on for all the details … Costs: The cost seems to range from around 900K (for long boat trips) to 1400K baht (for speed boats). We had two hours to snorkel off the side of the island and also eat the buffet lunch organised by our tour guides. Rassada Pier was a hive of activity in the early morning. Things were looking up. I couldn’t rate Koh Lanta enough and highly recommend it for anyone wanting a relaxing, less touristy alternative to some of the other Thai islands. This is one of the most popular day trips from Koh Lanta and usually follows the below itinerary: An 80m swim through a dark tunnel, pitch black aside from the guide’s distant torch, leads you to this isolated cave. When moving between decks, I suggest you use the stairs at the rear. Wow! This looks like a easy ferry to book and travel on. Phuket Town is only 10 minutes away and we booked a deluxe room at the Me Room Hotel for the bargain price of AUD$50. I snapped a couple of quick pics and scarpered. Dive & Relax require less experienced divers  – such as myself (11 dives before Koh Lanta with an advanced PADI eight months prior) – to take a refresher course if they’ve not dived in six months. Love how briefly you described things and I think many travelers will have a good use of this post. I simply unzipped the back, pulled out the straps and slung it on my back to keep both hands free as I navigated the precarious route. >>> Koh Lanta Johor : Marc se démarque, Babeth éliminée... Résumé de cette première soirée. A la manière d'une James Bond Girl, Manon est sortie de l'eau vêtements trempés, décolleté bien visible, de quoi rendre amoureux tous les hommes - et femmes - devant leur écran. I’d love to hear your experience in the comments below. Ce mode permet d'optimiser le confort de lecture et de réduire la fatigue oculaire. The fact that none went overboard is a minor miracle. Java Guide and 2 week itinerary, Indonesia. There is a picture of the vessel so you can sort of work it out if you know what they look like, but it didn’t sit well with me not knowing exactly what I was getting so I moved on. Koh-Lanta entamait sa quatorizième saison ce vendredi 24 avril sur TF1. The dry season is from November-April and the rainy season runs from May-October. This website uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience, analyse site traffic and personalise content. Saladan Pier was much quieter than Rassada Pier, but was nonetheless crowded with backpackers heading to Koh Lanta’s best hostels. The website kept glitching and was incredibly slow. Next I decided to check the major online bookers Viator, Get Your Guide, 12GO and Klook. Find out how to participate here: It’s great fun, educational for kids and helps give back to Koh Lanta’s awesome local community, Lanta Animal Welfare provides care for stray cats and dogs on the island. We wanted to stay as close as possible to Rassada Pier to lessen the travel time in the morning. Unsurprisingly, relaxing on the beach is one of the number one things to do in Koh Lanta. Veggie red curry at Galapagos (near Long Beach, Koh Lanta), Trash Hero organise weekly beach cleans in Koh Lanta. During the rainy season some bungalow operators close down, particularly those geared to the diving fraternity. From Krabi From mid/late October to April, daily boats depart from the main pier in Krabi Town to Ko Lanta. My feet barely touched the ground which added to the discomfort. The itinerary for the ferry was not provided and it did not state where the route went and whether a boat change was required. It was a muggy day and the air con was blasting in the cabin. Luckily the mobile reception on our AIS tourist SIM held out throughout the entire trip. While some amount of snorkelling is included in most island-hopping day trips from Koh Lanta – including the 4 islands one above – KOH ROK is largely recommended as being the best in Koh Lanta. ‘ Of course, you can always wait until you get to the island and actually look at a few places before committing yourself to staying somewhere that doesn’t look as appealing as it did from the pictures you were shown on the boat. While some amount of snorkelling is included in most island-hopping day trips from Koh Lanta – including the 4 islands one above – KOH ROK is largely recommended as being the best in Koh Lanta. I forgot to take a photo of Koh Kradan. It was helpfully 30-seconds from my guesthouse too. a-t-il ainsi écrit sur son compte Twitter. All the beaches are located on the west of the island. Viator offered the Satun Pakbara speedboat for ~AUD$74 and the Ao Nang Princess Ferry for ~$43. This seems to be a good alternative to the crowded Phuket. A few more passengers did board at Ao Nang, but we were well under capacity. Wow, my four days on Koh Lanta were simply dreamy with endless things to do for chilled beach bums and avid explorers alike. The speed boat trips will leave you with longer to enjoy the activities as they get you to each island quicker. What a perfect place from which to see the view. 20 baht scooter parking fee. There is also a more expensive speedboat option from around 1000 baht to Phuket. There is not a lot to keep those waiting amused so I wouldn’t recommend arriving too early. At Krabi, you will be able to visit the famous Railay Beach. I stayed at Guesthouse Grand House with the nicest host ever. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. We are considering doing this journey this year. These provide safe water from any non-salt water source in the world. You can see more of his underwater photography here: The local restaurants are cheaper but I wasn’t really enjoying the food so went out seeking delicious flavours and vegan proteins…. Our boat, Ao Nang Princess, was docked three deep, meaning we had to walk across the first two boats to board. This could not be easier, with regular flights from elsewhere in Thailand, depending on if you’re continuing from Chiang Mai or it’s your first island stop after a 4 day Bangkok itinerary. They were bucket style making it difficult to spread across seats even though there were quite a few free. On our Thailand trip last year, we skipped the beach destinations and focused on cities and national parks, but perhaps next time we’ll include one of the beaches! I had pretty much decided at this point that the Ao Nang Princess ferry was the one I would book. After a calm voyage across the Andaman sea, we pulled into Ao Nang Pier at 10.55am where many onboard disembarked. There is a songthaew operation on the island, but it isn’t frequent or reliable. Thanks for sharing your tips! Koh Lanta : La déclaration d’amour de Mathilde à Bastien - Duration: 1:27. We bought a Coke for ฿40 which was only slightly more than on land. Things to do on a Koh Lanta day trip: enjoy the serene views from Koh Ngai! The cost should include drinks (water and soda), lunch (including a vegan option), snacks, rental snorkelling gear and transfers to and from your accommodation. Koh-Lanta entamait sa quatorizième saison ce vendredi 24 avril sur TF1. The host at my guesthouse said this is her personal favourite day trip from Koh Lanta. The woman who works here is really really nice and I enjoyed the curries I ate here. We stepped out into the car park and prepared to do battle with the hundreds of Tuk Tuk drivers competing for our business. They are a 5* dive school with glowing reviews all round, but I actually chose them because their boat looked the most comfortable hahaa. Koh Lanta would be our first stop, so the next logical step was finding a decent ferry from Phuket to Koh Lanta. 7,022 Followers, 928 Following, 240 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Cedric koh lanta (@cedric__lg) Direct Ferries did state the carrier and the speedboats were run by Bundhaya, Satun Pakbara and Tiger Line (between AUD$68 – AUD$72). This is a brilliant idea. MY STORY - Marc Rambaud [Koh Lanta] (MAD vs WILD 16) - Duration: 24:24. Once we made it across to the Ao Nang Princess, we were asked to store our luggage. Rassada Pier was so crowded with vessels that multiple boats were docked at every berth. From Phi Phi During the dry season, two boats depart daily from Tonsai Pier on Phi Phi to go to Ko Lanta. When he said ‎฿80 per person is the accepted fare to Pra-Ae Beach (Long Beach) I breathed a sigh of relief. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. . I love that there seems to be a good mix of activities as well as the option to just have a beach day too. Et si Marc s'est fait remarquer pour sa prétention et Babeth pour sa maladresse, Manon, une autre aventurière, a tapé dans l'oeil des internautes pour des raisons tout à fait différentes : son physique. © Prisma Média - Partenaire Plurimedia - Tous droits réservés, Koh Lanta Johor : Marc se démarque, Babeth éliminée... Résumé de cette première soirée, Découvrez les plus belles photos de Charlotte Pirroni, Miss Côte d'Azur ! I really need to make it over to Thailand one of these days to explore this for myself. Your email address will not be published. There are a heap of dodgey looking websites with widely varying prices and it’s hard to tell which ones are legit, but I wasn’t simply looking for the cheapest price. Looks amazing! Disclosure Statement: This post is not sponsored. But, wit, I went did a hike. Rassada Pier has limited seating and a few small stalls selling snacks and drinks. All three of these places have airports with daily connecting flights to and from the Thai capital. (prices & times from 2010) From Bangkok With no airport on Ko Lanta, the most convenient option from Bangkok is to fly to Phuket, Krabi or Trang. Which didn’t bother me at all – I loveee fish. It was a little too effective and I wished I had also grabbed a jacket out of my luggage. It’s quite a long way to the dive sites and it was great to relax on the cushioned upper deck with the other divers. Koh-Lanta Johor : le meilleur de la saison en tweets... Koh-Lanta : un abandon, une éliminée, une victoire pour les rouges ! I scanned all the drivers waiting with boards twice and when I failed to find our name I checked our Klook voucher. The stairs inside the cabin are incredibly steep (almost like a ladder) and getting up and down is a little tricky. I love all your eco-friendly tips here. The water is warm and the sand is soft. The water was NOT that cold and the host brought me a second fan to make sure I wasn’t ever too hot. He spoke about ten words the entire trip, five of which were ‘watch your head’ and ‘number 7’ when we arrived at Rassada Pier. Krabi airport is tiny – when you leave the baggage collection and enter the ‘arrivals’ hall, you will see the tour desks on the left-hand corner. Ses amis, sa famille, son chat tout mignon, ses selfies... Découvrez une nouvelle facette de la candidate à travers ses propres clichés. I was glad I had my printed voucher as it made it much easier to check in. But no matter where you are, my heartfelt thoughts go out to you at this time. We were on our way again by 11.20am for the final leg of our journey. I visited Koh Lanta a couple of years ago but sadly didn’t dive here, definitely need to go back! Travelling by rail from Bangkok, trains depart from Bangkok Hualamphong to Trang from where daily mini-buses depart around mid-day to travel the 2.5 hours to Ko Lanta. The ferry to and from Phuket goes via Koh Phi Phi. Booking Phuket transport online is a bit of a minefield.

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