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Across the categories of Social Media Suites, Analytics, Facebook use is prominent among high-earners, and even surpasses LinkedIn, which reaches just 49% of users making more than $75,000. Average monthly Facebook ad clicks by country. As Facebook continues to make most of its revenue from advertising, the advertising landscape will become more competitive. Certainly, it will prove an edifying case for scholars looking back at how business was done, and how we lived, in the disruptive first decades of the 21st century. The same can be said for home & garden CPA of $44.23. headlines on articles shared on Facebook. Facebook and YouTube continue to be the most widely used social media platforms among U.S. adults. The survey suggests that more than half of the people have used Facebook to actively look for products, with the majority of them discovering new products on Facebook’s News Feed, Pages, and Groups. As we might expect, users spend longer reading posts during sessions that begin early in the morning (8am) or late at night (10pm) than they do during work hours (12pm or 4pm). (Although this is hardly going to be too worrying to Facebook, as the biggest youth-orientated social network out there is Instagram, which also comes under its control…). Facebook users make slightly fewer comments, however: an average of five per month (women making seven to men’s four). The same applies to video content as text posts, albeit 5% less pronounced. Facebook has offered us all of these things, but it seems as if it has come at a price. The gap is far less pronounced than we see for other apps. Achieving these campaign objectives is far more about reaching the right people than it is reaching as many people as possible. Businesses with an international presence, or serve international audiences, have a tremendous opportunity to reach ad markets with lower competition than North American markets. The lowest Facebook CPA is seen in the science ($12.67), food & drink ($12.91), and pet & animals ($15.29) sectors. More than 80 million small businesses around the world are using Facebook Pages. With this data, you can analyze the engagement of your video publications and know which audiovisual content your audience likes the most. If you want to see each metric in detail, you can do this by accessing the menu on the righ… Social networks’ share of referrals to ecommerce sites. Looking to how it fares relatively to other apps across individual usage categories, this study is a demonstration of Facebook’s status as an app which is used for a multiplicity of purposes. This means that users were visiting at least one of Facebook’s core products – which includes Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, or Messenger. There are many strong competitors like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and a number of others that are trying to compete, but Facebook still stands strong among the competition. Facebook Stories (remember those 500 million daily users) also feature, with 22% of marketers using these. This became the subject for much-lauded film The Social Network in 2010. There seems to be little appetite for that at this current moment, however, beyond the speculative. Facebook themselves encourage users to create videos in a format that is unique to mobile to increase engagement. If it is not conveniently buried by those who successively come to benefit from it…. however a little harmless fun to calculate how much your Facebook page is worth. This is generally the pattern we observe in apps which enjoy global reach, no doubt the consequence of deeply ingrained gender power imbalances across the world rather than any sort of innate cultural quality in the app itself. The ‘action’ takes place along a feed known as the timeline, on which you can read updates posted by your friends. 75% of marketers want to learn more about how to use Facebook video, putting it in joint first with YouTube in this measure. Facebook is becoming increasingly important as a discovery platform. Previous quarters in 2019, however, have seen higher than average cost of revenue and general & administrative expenses. On the other end of the scale, we see organic reach as low as 4% in Taiwan, 4.1% in Nigeria, or 4.3% in Malaysia. The “likes” is a statistic to analyze no matter what in order to know how your social media strategy is doing. Today mobile apps for Facebook, launched in 2008 on iOS and 2010 on Android, can be found on users’ phones across the globe. Nearly three quarters of these users believe that the political label they have been given is accurate. The study also found such users are 2.1 times more likely to have read articles on social media addiction, and are more than usually likely to deactivate their accounts – 2.6 times more likely to be precise. HOW TO POST TO MULTIPLE FACEBOOK GROUPS AT ONCE, Direct Sales: All You Need To KnowTo Multiply Your Sales. It joins the US in having slightly more female than male Facebook users. Over 100 languages are used on the platform. Facebook first hit the 1 billion monthly active user mark in October 2012, and crossed the 2 billion active user mark almost 5 years later, in June 2017. There are 90 million business pages on Facebook. If you’re looking to get started, here are 19 easy steps to setting up a killer Facebook Business Page. Being the biggest social media site out there, Facebook gets its fair share of attention from marketers as well. At the start of a session the time spent is equal. This way you can see each of the publications, the type of publication, the segment and reach the interaction and if it´s a promoted publication or not. Unrestricted access through multiple mobile apps, as well as its mobile website has given Facebook an edge over competitors that didn’t think of mobile first. This, therefore, can be a major issue – particularly when it seems as if the news is coming from a creditable source. Facebook reveals daily active user figures in its quarterly statements. On the other hand, science ads may have had a low CTR, but with a low CPC and high CVR (11.04%), clearly the first stat doesn’t tell the whole story. Research from the Pew Research Center published in 2018 found that 42% of US Facebook users had taken a break from using the site for a few weeks, while 26% had deleted the app from their phone. A case study by Buffer found that square videos outperformed landscape videos in both Likes and engagement. The most expensive CPC is derived from campaigns which look to expand reach, with cost per click coming in at $1.22, followed by impressions, at $0.92. Once you are in, you can see the overall vision of your Facebook page statistics and a summary of what is more important. For many people, Facebook isn’t just a social media platform, it’s a way of life. 45% of people get news from Facebook. The gender split seems to be most-pronounced in the 25-34 year old bracket, which as in other nations is the largest, followed by 18-24. For more Facebook user statistics, check out our post on Facebook demographics all marketers need to know. Clearly there are certain limitations with this method, with its focus on those who have a good idea of the dangers involved and that they need to change their behaviour somehow. (Recode, 2018). Many of these fake profiles were posting pro-Donald Trump political content from a site called The BL, which has alleged (though denied) links with the banned-from-Facebook Epoch Times. Engagement rates for the former stand at 4.64%, compared to 2.44% for the latter. It gives you the possibility to increase the online presence of your business. 68% said they planned to increase their use of Facebook videos, compared to 71% for YouTube and 69% for Instagram. Shifting our focus to younger users, we can see that Facebook’s popularity is certainly not at its highest levels among teen users in the US. 20% of liberals, 25% of conservatives, and 36% of moderates do not feel they have been correctly placed on this scale. In Q3 2019, advertising contributed all but $269 million of Facebook revenue. This way, thanks to Facebook Insights you know which tab has been clicked by your followers and the entry sources to your page in order to improve your social network marketing strategy, specifically on Facebook. See When the People Who Like Your Page Are on Facebook. The above stats pertain to newsfeed ads. Here, once again, we see Facebook surge into an uncontested lead, with 72% of marketers buying ads on Facebook. Not only does this make up nearly all (98.3 percent) of its $17.737 billion revenue for the entire quarter, it’s also a 17 percent year-over-year increase from the first quarter of 2019. in the demand for advertising towards the end of the quarter in March. According to eMarketer estimates, the average time on Facebook by US users will be 37 minutes per day in 2020 (on all devices). Videos are becoming increasingly popular post types, accounting for about 11% of Facebook posts. We see a similar picture in France and Italy, the other European top-20 markets. Facebook Ads has changed: Are you taking advantage of the 6 most important update? From 55 years upwards. The same goes for any other category. Or know what events to go to? 2.60 billion monthly active users use Facebook. Naturally, efforts will cost more or less depending on the market being targeted. This Facebook statistic also helps to emphasize how important it is to optimize your content for mobile devices. The fourth member, Instagram, is in sixth position (1 billion). Of these, 43% are deemed to be interested in African American culture, a further 43% in Hispanic culture, and around 10% in Asian American culture. Facebook is connecting people to brands and products. This is despite a series of controversies over privacy, fake news, and censorship on social media, especially Facebook. This compares to 62% of Asian Facebook users, and 65% from the rest of the world. This feature has previously been open to anyone sharing a piece, but was shut down in 2017 in the wake of inevitable abuse (to the consternation of social media managers). Feature phones, lower cost options designed for developing markets, are used by 1.2% of Facebook users. Only 9%of users log in less than once per week. Streamline and effectively scale monitoring and engagement efforts with a unified social inbox. These two are notably in a category of their own in terms of CPM, which makes perfect sense. In all, 3.1% of Facebook users identified themselves as problem users. Facebook Indonesia demographics: age and gender, December 2019. The average across industries is $19.68. YouTube runs it the closest, at 38% usage among this age demographic. This means that users were visiting at least one of Facebook’s core products – which includes Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, or Messenger. Facebook net revenue stood at $6.09 billion in Q3 2019. In terms of age groups, we see a reflection of the global picture. The world’s biggest and most-famous social network was launched by Mark Zuckerberg while he was a student at Harvard University, in early 2004. What percentage of each demographic uses Facebook in the US in 2019? Zuckerberg was required to face a Senate hearing over this Facebook controversy. At the start of the year, it was in fifth-place. That means that only 4 percent of Facebook active users logged in on desktop devices to use the social media platform. Do you use this native Facebook tool? To skip ahead to a specific section of Facebook stats, here’s the table of contents. We pick up our phones, or open up our laptops, and go straight to Facebook to see what’s going on. Mobile usage is particularly pronounced in Africa, where 98% of Facebook users access the platform via mobile. Or know what events to go to? With the exception of a brief surge in Q1 2019, this trend has been consistent, representing a serious reduction in the price point of Facebook ad clicks (24% year-on-year), according to these Ad Stage stats. Most people struggle to manage one Facebook page or profile but there are many businesses, agencies, publishers, freelancers and brands who have to manage multiple pages and this post is dedicated to you. Marketplace | News & Insights | Data | Events, negative effect on the mental health of users, The case was settled for $65 million in 2008, Facebook was the fourth most-downloaded app. Faster reading time towards the start of a session indicates that the session will be shorter. This could mean an article could be posted with a Facebook headline that ran completely contrary to what was posted. A Cowen and Company study, the results of which were published on eMarketer, asked the US users of various social media for what they used the apps to do. The lowest CPM for the countries covered by this survey, limited to Europe and the Americas, is delivered in Colombia ($0.42) and Ecuador ($0.55). Though we might note that with a population of 24 million, Australia would only reach 19th place if every single person living in the country was a Facebook-using adult. News gives us the lowest conversion rate (2.15%), followed by hobbies & leisure (2.91% – another low cost, low yield example). And certainly given the money will all end up in the same place, the rise of Instagram will not be of the greatest concern to Mark Zuckerberg. That’s why it also helps to know the best time to post on Facebook, and other social media channels. Japan (three) again features towards the lower end of the scale for this sort of engagement, as does Russia (four), level with three African nations (Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria). Users are concentrated in the 18-24 and the 25-34 age brackets (with a slight weighting towards the latter). Indeed, entire TED Talks have been given on Facebook’s role in influencing democratic processes, through the spread of disinformation, as well as the aforementioned unethical usage of personal data. In a riff on the concept of ‘six degrees of separation’, Facebook conducted a study in 2016 to gauge the average number of connections you would have to pass through to get from any given person to another. For instance in the US 86 percent of marketers are using Facebook for advertising (Emarketer, 2018). The time people spend watching Facebook Live has quadrupled in the past year. This compares to $16.89 billion in Q2 2019 (a 5% increase), and $13,727 in Q3 2018 (a 29% increase). So, as well as being the most popular social media platform, Facebook users are also visiting the site multiple times per day. Switching to by country Facebook page reach stats (early 2019, average organic reach of 6%, with overall average reach of 8%), we see that in certain markets organic reach is much higher: in Thailand, as high as 7.9%, with France and Indonesia logging 7.8%. Getting to know what platform your target market is using most of the time helps to determine which platform makes the most sense for your business to utilize. The largest concentration fall into the 30-49 age bracket, and are white. The reach of Facebook can be organic —meaning when users see a publication on your page or in the news section – and paid section—when users access the publication through your Facebook ads —. CPC varies across industries and audiences, so it’s important to test your own ads to determine an average CPC for your business. Clickthrough-rate (0.14%), however, is significantly lower – around a tenth of newsfeed ads. World’s most-valuable companies at the turn of 2020. Once you have the data, analyze it in detail, detect behavior patterns and check what works and what doesn´t. While it might seem like there’s an urge to use social media less, the data shows otherwise. As well as being a social network through which users can connect with their acquaintances, Facebook is very much a platform through which businesses can communicate with current and would-be customers. There are 90 million business pages on Facebook. Your Facebook Page is a place where you can share your business name, address, contact details, and a description about the products or services that your business offers. an average of 58.5 minutes on the social media platform each day. At its peak, in Q4 2017, it was as high as 57%. What can’t be measured can’t be improved. A study by Wordstream calculated the average cost per click (CPC) for a Facebook Ad across all industries and found $1.72 to be the benchmark number. In comparison to other big social media sites, people spend almost the same amount of time on Instagram (53 minutes), and a little less on Snapchat (49.5 minutes). In terms of average monthly ad clicks, the average of eight in early January again represents different data provider methodology – so we can’t directly compare it with the higher figure reported in October. More than half (51%) log in several times per day. If you want to read more about the Facebook story, the introductory section continues below…, Facebook Marketing Statistics and Facebook Advertising Statistics. All stuff that seems rudimentary to us now, but at the time were pioneering innovations from Facebook and other members of that first post-MySpace wave of social networks. Last year, an eMarteter study found that daily social media use was decreasing. We might also note that in third and fourth place we find WhatsApp (1.6 billion users) and Facebook Messenger (1.3 billion). Those who identified themselves as being problematic users did indeed spend 21.6% more time using Facebook and logged 13.5% sessions than those who didn’t. By creating a Facebook Page for your business, you can build an audience and connect with people who are interested in what your business has to offer. Most popular social media platforms among US teens in 2019? Instagram ads, on 38%, are only slightly more than half as popular. And if you’re interested in how that plays out in terms of penetration, that’s equal to 70% of the population of the US & Canada, 52% of the population of Europe, 23% of the population of Asia, and 36% of the rest of the world (as edifying as that is for a grouping which includes countries as diverse as Mexico, Egypt, and Kenya). Unrestricted access through multiple mobile apps, as well as its mobile website has given Facebook an edge over competitors that didn’t think of mobile first. Facebook has been turning a profit since 2009, after which point net profit levels have surging upwards. While this only comes to 5% of its total user base, 120 million is a fair whack by any estimation. Which social media platforms do marketers think is most important? Though only accounting for 3.1%, certainly this allows for a good deal of variance in the non-problematic group – which may well have contained non-self diagnosed problem users. The second-highest is beauty & fitness (11.65%). While no app is singled out, Facebook and Twitter certainly tend to be names that come up in relation to this modern phenomenon. If your audience is active on Stories, it’s worth it to invest in creating content tailored to that medium. Undeniably, Facebook connects more people than any company ever has in the past. Through Facebook not only do marketers reach out to their target audience, but they can also use the social media platform to interact with their customers and enhance their relationship with them. This positioning is being driven chiefly by Android downloads, with Facebook not factoring as highly in the iOS charts (albeit it’s still in seventh). And advertisers will not doubt be pleased that Facebook users are clicking on an average of 12 per month (14 for women, 10 for men). For instance in the US, 86 percent of marketers are using Facebook for advertising. Median CTR for newsfeed ads according to these Facebook ad benchmarks comes to 1.45% in Q3 2019. There has been talk of breaking it up – which might take some of the sheen of invulnerability away at least. The study found that, unsurprisingly, users tend to spend longer reading stories towards the start of their sessions. around the world using Facebook Pages (Facebook, 2018). As Facebook continues to make most of its revenue from advertising, the advertising landscape will become more competitive. What proportion of US users use Facebook for various activities, vs other apps. It’s still the most used social platform with nearly 2.45 billion monthly active users. Facebook Daily Active Users, Q1 2011 – Q3 2019. It was posited that this was related to Facebook approaching the point of ‘ad load’ – simply, they were running out of space to actually put ads into. Knowing who’s using the platform and how they are using it can make a difference when crafting a Facebook marketing strategy. 65 percent of Facebook users are under the age of 35. This also includes the “likes” of each publication and its derivatives (“love”, “sad”, etc. There are 5.5 million people living in Finland. The largest concentration of Facebook users can be found in the world’s second-most populous nation, India (predicted to be very much the most-populous in the not too distant future). With Facebook’s massive reach and popularity among marketers, it’s no wonder that the bulk of Facebook’s revenue comes from advertisements. Correspondingly, there …. This form of advertising finally offers some differentiation in terms of CPC, which comes in at a lower $0.42. Well, that is discounting the 65+ age bracket, taking for granted they are not active app users. Whether it’s scrolling down your newsfeed while waiting in line for your groceries, on the train to work, or that last scroll before you go to sleep — no one can disagree that Facebook plays a significant role in our daily lives. Which social media platforms do marketers use? Where can I get Content to Share? Women outnumber men in every age bracket here. Here, as we might expect in the bridge between the Middle East and Africa, male users outnumber females by nearly two to one. Facebook usage stats 10. The sheer number of Facebook users around the world means that the app offers one of the most comprehensive and diverse advertising audiences of the digital age. Haha where is that person? The power of video marketing; 7 tips for publishing Facebook videos that your audience will love. In percentage terms, that’s 10% in the US & Canada, 16% in Europe, 41% in Asia, and 33% in the rest of the world. To do this all you have to do is click on the button “export statistics” found when you check your Facebook Insights data and save this on a file in your computer. Might these younger users be turning to other apps rather than the long in the tooth Facebook? Of course, norms and behaviour differ from country to country. 19 easy steps to setting up a killer Facebook Business Page. By creating a Facebook Page for your business, you can build an audience and connect with people, who are interested in what your business has to offer. Indeed, it is the highest single quarterly Facebook revenue figure ever generated, beating the previous record of $16.91 billion in Q4 2018. Or…there is so much more that we depend on Facebook for. Indeed, it was troubled from the very start, when fellow Harvard-goers who had worked with Zuckerberg in the early stages of developing the website brought a lawsuit against Facebook in 2004, claiming that the founder had stolen their ideas. It also lets you set a time limit, and receive an automated reminder, if you’ve spent more time than what you’ve allotted for yourself. Basically, thanks to Facebook Insights you can see all the data and user interaction with your page to know if what you are doing on the platform has the impact you are looking for. Ergo, it is harder to rack up those ad impressions. Facebook use, specifically among US users 18 and up, decreased by nearly 2% compared to previous years. Facebook India demographics: age and gender, December 2019. As with any research issued from the corporate entity in question – particularly Facebook – it is worth being alive to any spin/PR in these findings – potentially in the form of omissions. ), the comments and the number of times these were shared. Seven out of ten (69%) adults in the U.S. claim that they use Facebook (Pew Research Center, 2019). A mere 6% of Facebook’s advertising revenue comes from desktop-only users. We update the organic impressions metric to factor in new products and changes to Facebook, but keep in mind that because of the many ways content can be created and shared on Facebook, the actual number of organic impressions may not currently be reflected in this metric or any metrics that use organic impressions, including page views and reach. This is evident in the higher seasonal fall in ad revenue from the final quarter of the previous year to the first quarter of the following year. Conversion, it’s certainly worth adding, also accounts for 19%…. They were also found to be more likely to log sessions at night time – confirming their assertion that Facebook was having a negative impact on their sleep. If we can make these stats marry with those we looked at above, this means that while CPM might be drifting upwards, actually getting those clicks which ultimately lead towards revenue-generating activity may actually be coming down in cost. | Facebook declined to reveal a full list of news sources that would feature. In Facebook Insights you can see all the “likes ” for the period you choose: from concrete intervals of time, for example during the Christmas season or during the time you launch a promotion on Facebook to the historical evolution or the net “likes”, meaning, the difference between the “likes” and the “dislikes”.

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