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To visit the less known islands such as Amorgos, Paros, Naxos, Tinos or Andros? And if you want to know more about Andros’ marked trails, you can also check Andros Route website. Créer mon compte. Cousteau looked for the lost city of Atlantis on Santorini. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was considered as Apollo’s and Artemis’ birthplace. That’s why you should book your tickets in advance! If you want to go on a trip with your friends in the Cylades, Mykonos is the best destination for you. In Ios, you will enjoy the best nightlife in summer, between June and September. Serifos isn’t really a tourist place. The place is really crowded, and there are no signs or vocal announces to guide you to your boat. Then, take a stroll in Vaporia district, located on the Eastern side of Ermoupoli. Then, it became dedicated to the worship of the gods. But once there, you will see that it’s clearly worth it: the volcanic island of Santorini is truly magnificent! Schinoussa is located at the centre of the Small Eastern Cyclades island group, south of Nàxos and north-east of Iraklia. On the island, you can party all day and night long with world famous DJs! You will have the choice between several companies, offering different travel times. To party in Mykonos? Delos is uninhabited today and is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, receiving large numbers of visitors who flock to admire remarkable monuments and impressive mosaics. Pas encore inscrit ! Here are the best places to see when you visit Delos, in the Cyclades: You can visit Delos without a guide, but doing a guided visit is clearly the best way to enjoy the place. It’s by far the most famous and visited island in the Cyclades archipelago. You will be asked for a minimum order amount per person. The island has a land area of 13.5 sq. If you want a brief summary, here are the Greek Islands you should visit if you like: In order to help you organize your stay in the Cyclades, I have written 3 detailed itineraries. Pilgrims from all over the country come here to fulfil their vows and to seek spiritual comfort. Ouverture des services. is the official tourism web site for Greece, run by the Greek National Tourism Organisation, where you'll find information on the main tourist destinations, such as cities, beaches, as well as activities, events and much more! You can also enjoy the beaches of Kiriaki, Provatas or Papafragas. If you want to enjoy an incredible atmosphere and party all night long, it’s clearly a great place to visit. Also, doing the Caldera hike from Fira to Oia to admire the breathtaking panoramic views from the villages is clearly a must-see attraction during your itinerary in the Cyclades. Many cruises are available in Milos: with different stops, on small or large motor boats, yachts or even catamarans. You have to enable javascript in your browser to use an application built with Vaadin. Every year, thousands of people are coming there to pray at Panagia Megalochari or Evangelistria churches. They are ideal for a 1st time stay on the islands! You can also visit the Cave of Antiparos, and admire Europe’s most ancient stalagmite. Possessing a volcanic soil and a unique variety of minerals, it is famous for its fantastic beaches, ranging from thin sand to pebbles.,,,, Désolé, cet article est seulement disponible en Russe et Turc. Unrivalled natural beauty, beaches of crystal clear waters, “unique” Byzantine footpaths connecting traditional villages and breathtaking landscapes make Paros, located at the heart of Cyclades, one of the most beloved holiday destinations in Greece…. As you may expect, the fastest boats are the most expensive! Other boats are making stops on one or several Greek Islands before you reach your destination. All Rights Reserved. According to the Greek mythology, Poseidon, God of the sea, furious at the Cyclades nymphs turned them into islands. Most people coming to Ios are rather young and from Northern Europe. And you, which islands do you plan to visit in the Cyclades? During your stay in Serifos, you can visit: In Folegandros, you will discover one of the most beautiful villages of the Cyclades. If you want to reach the Cyclades from Central Greece, you can travel from the ports of Piraeus or Rafina. Milos: The volcanic activity in ancient years has endowed this island with an exciting variety of gorgeous landscapes, consequently offering the visitor a wide range of activities. This island is renowned for its many marked walking trails. Millions of Greek and foreign visitors come to the Cyclades every year to enjoy the dazzling light and the crystal blue waters, in the quest of the paradise on earth. Le lieu et l’horaire seront indiqués sur la convocation que les candidats devront télécharger dans leur espace candidat Cyclades. Syros is the administrative centre, the capital and most populated island of the Cyclades, even if it is one of the smallest one! Located in southern Greece, between Athens and Crete, the Cyclades consists of 39 islands, of which 24 are inhabited. Due to its proximity to Attica, Kea is an easily accessible beauty with a scenery variety: steep mountains, small fields, olive groves, vineyards, valleys, picturesque coves and off-the-beaten-track beaches. Pour les candidats à un concours, ils peuvent consulter les relevés de notes via l’espace candidat Cyclades connexion. Sikinos is a typical Cycladic island, with terraces, low stone fences and numerous country chapels dotting a scenery bathed in the wonderful green and blue waters of the Aegean. Ermoúpoli (meaning “the city of Hermes”) is the island’s capital town and has been the first important trade and industrial centre of the country in the 19th century. It is said to have been the birthplace of Homer’s mother and the place of his own tomb. Then, when the night comes, party until sunrise in the island’s many trendy bars! Creator of the Voyage Tips blog, travel and photography lover. To get there, you have to take the boat from Mykonos. Tinos is one of the major pilgrimage site for Orthodox Greeks. The Cyclades / ˈ s ɪ k l ə d iː z / (Greek: Κυκλάδες [kikˈlaðes]) are an island group in the Aegean Sea, southeast of mainland Greece and a former administrative prefecture of Greece. ARRANGE A CALL BACK WITH ONE OF OUR SPECIALISTS. Here are some of the best places to visit on this Cyclades island: If you want to plan your trip to Tinos, you should read my detailed article: The 10 best things to do in Tinos. I give you all my best tips to plan your next trip. To help you picture the Greek Islands a little better, here is a Tourist Map of the Cyclades. Conservez bien votre mot de passe pour pouvoir vous connecter tout le long de la session et accéder aux documents mis à votre disposition dans votre espace candidat. You may not know it, but Milos offers the largest number of beaches in all the Cyclades. Syros: This is the island where Greek tradition and western influence come to a harmonious marriage. For information please contact: Koufonisia is a small group of two islands, Pano Koufonìsi (Upper Koufonìsi) and Kato Koufonìsi (Lower Koufonìsi), that are separated by a narrow strait. Me connecter. And when you will go admire the sunset, it can be hard to find a good spot in the middle of the crowd. Here are the main islands: During your Cyclades itinerary, you will take the ferry at least once, unless you’ve chosen to visit only Santorini or Mykonos and took the plane to get there. Présentation FAQ Gestion des examens et concours. Si vous êtes un candidat scolaire (inscrit par votre établissement), vous avez deux possibilités pour … If you want to discover them, you can do a 1-day boat trip around the island with many stops to take a dip! When walking down Ermoupoli, Syros’ main city, you will discover a few neoclassical buildings including the city hall, located around Miaouli Square. And if you want to have a drink on a terrace, it’s better to book it in advance. Even if you book in advance, you will have to exchange your confirmation e-mail for a real ticket at the company’s desk before departure. Do you want to reach the Cyclades as fast as possible? Dense vegetation, natural springs, smooth hills, crystalline waters (with shipwrecks at the sea-bottom! If you’re looking for this kind of party atmosphere, you should go to the beaches of Elia, Paradise, Super Paradise or Psarou. However, if you prefer to book a Greece tour with a travel agency, I recommend you to check the 10 best Greece tours by clicking the button below: Discover all my articles about Greece: All my articles to help you plan your trip to Greece are listed there. Naxos: the biggest and the greenest island in Cyclades with impressively high mountains, fertile valleys, lush green gorges, stunning seascapes and traditional villages perched high on mountain tops, where the inhabitants still wear their traditional dress and live off the fruits of the land! From a short walk to a really long hike, you will always find a trail that suits you. Accompagnement soins et services à la personne option A - A domicile Publication ouverte à partir du vendredi 25 septembre 2020 À 09H00 jusqu'au jeudi 31 décembre 2020 À 17H00 To stay polite, it’s a big mess! In summer, you can also reach Antiparos from Parikia (without your car this time!). With their white and blue houses and churches, their narrow and winding alleys, they really offer the typical Greek postcard scenery. They are located southeast of Nàxos and west of Amorgos; Pano Koufonìsi is inhabited, with a land area of 5.5 sq. You will find more information about these marked trails on Amorgos’ official website. These articles will help you ! Even if you’re not much into religion, there are many beautiful places to see on Tinos. Si vous avez oublié votre mot de passe, cliquez sur le lien Mot de passe oublié, réinitialisation du mot de passe et saisissez votre adresse mail. Delos is famous for its ancient archaeological site. Some boats directly go from Piraeus or Rafina to the island of your choice. You’re dreaming to enjoy the sunset in Santorini? On the results page, don’t hesitate to compare several websites to ensure that no fees are added to the final rates. With more than 1 million tourists every year, it is, along with Santorini, the other most visited Cyclades island. Santorini is clearly the best Cyclades island to visit for couples or during a honeymoon. If you’re looking for a luxury boat trip, you should have a look at this one. There are 18 marked trails of various length (from 30 minutes to 6 hours) and difficulty level (easy or moderate) on the island. For example, you can hike from the Monastery of Chozoviotissa to the village of Potamos, or reach the Timios Stavros Chapel from the village of Langada. You will be sure to get the best price! Then, I’ve got a good news: some of the Cyclades islands have an airport! Choose according to your preferences and budget! The food there is known to be among the best in the Cyclades! The islet of Antiparos, lying southwest of Paros, is ideal for a relaxed and serene holiday and can easily be reached from Punda or Parikia by boat. I will also give you detailed itineraries to visit the Cyclades in 1 week, 10 days or 2 weeks. It allows you to: It’s simple, it’s the website I always use when I travel! You can always rent a quad bike for a few hours to go explore the remote beaches and coves. Vous pouvez cliquer l’un des liens pour changer la langue du site en une autre langue disponible./portfolio-items/IOS/,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Copyright 2017 | All Rights Reserved | Powered by. With white rocks and transparent waters, Sarakiniko beach is for sure the most famous! With their white and blue houses and churches, their narrow and winding alleys, they really offer the typical Greek postcard scenery. If you want to hike in the Cyclades, but also enjoy beautiful beaches, then Andros is the perfect island for you. Amorgos: The island of “The Big Blue” – a large part of the Luc Besson film was shot there – is at the southeasternmost point of the Cyclades and it displays a very special scenery: mountains, cliffs ideal for climbing, terraces, precipices and picturesque coves with lovely waters. And if you want to try Milos’ must-see attraction, just do a boat-trip around the island to admire its many strange rock formations. Ios. However, the interior of the island is unfortunately less interesting, as mining is highly developed: Milos is the first place of extraction of perlite and bentonite in the European Union. FAQ espace candidat Je ne peux pas accéder à mon compte : ... La modification de l’adresse mail ou du mot de passe se fait sur la fenêtre de connexion à Cyclades depuis le lien "Mot de passe oublié, réinitialisation du mot de passe", ou une fois connecté à votre espace candidat, depuis le lien "Modifier mon compte" (sous votre nom). It is a tiny island with three villages: Hora, Mesaria and Mersini. Mentions légales Accessibilité:non conforme© Ministère de l'éducation nationale, Cyclades - Tous droits réservés. Vous pouvez cliquer l’un des liens pour changer la langue du site en une autre langue disponible.,, Désolé, cet article est seulement disponible en Anglais Américain, Grec, Espagnol Européen, Suédois, 中文, Russe et Turc. If you want to display the map legend, just click on the top left button (the one with a little arrow). Then, you should definitely go to Serifos. Due to its gold mines, it used to be one of the richest islands in the ancient times. Copyright Voyage Tips 2020 – Mentions légales. On the island with the largest oak forest in the Cyclades, bird-watching is a real delight. Escape from everyday stress and anxiety on this small island, located between Íos and Folégandros. ESPACE CANDIDAT EN VUE D’UNE INSCRIPTION  Me connecter Pour vous connecter à votre compte Cyclades, saisissez votre adresse e-mail et votre mot de passe, puis cliquez sur Se connecter. If you’re seasick, choose the slowest boats, as they’re bigger and more stable. If you want more information about Paros, you should read my detailed article: The 10 best things to do in Paros. In each article, you will find detailed descriptions of the best things to do, a list of the best accommodations for each stage of your trip as well as all my best tips to make the most of your stay. On Ios, your program will be quite simple: during the day, just relax at the beach and get some rest. The oldest temples were built during the 8th century B.C. Le candidat est informé par courriel de la mise à disposition de sa convocation. On, I give you all my best tips and itineraries to plan your trip to Greece by yourself. As it’s forbidden to spend the night on the island, you can only visit it during a 4-hour tour. Once on the island, don’t forget to buy the marked trails Map for 5€. The best things to do and see in Sifnos are: You’re looking for peace and quiet during your holidays in the Cyclades? The ferry takes only 10 minutes to go from Pounta town to Antiparos, and you can even cross with your rental car. The Greek mythology refers to Folégandros as son to Minos and head of the first colonists on the island. In addition, using a scooter or a quad bike on the narrow and winding mountain roads is often slow and always dangerous! During this tour, you will also discover a lot of beaches and coves inaccessible by car such as Kleftiko beach. The best places of interest to visit in Paros are: From Paros, it’s really easy to reach Antiparos, the small island located right in front. If you want to rent a car in the Cyclades, you should use website. Sure, you will probably spend some time waiting in line to take THE perfect picture of its iconic white church with a blue dome you can see on every postcard. Mykonos is also famous for its beaches, considered as some of Greece’s most beautiful. Don’t miss the Municipal Theatre “Apollo”: it looks like a small replica of “La Scala”, in Milan! These 2 hikes are among the most famous in Amorgos. Another great itinerary goes from Artemonas to the Panagia Poulati Monastery and the village of Kastro. It won’t be pleasant, as the Cyclades Islands are often very windy. For each islands, I will tell you more about the best things to do, points of interest and must-see attractions. Elle servira à vous connecter à votre espace candidat, et vous recevrez les messages et notifications Cyclades sur cette adresse mail. Read or download your Cyclades' Travel Guide. The other best things to see in Andros are: And if you want to discover all the best things to do in Andros, you should read my article: Visit Andros: the definitive guide. (Click here to read all my articles about Greece). Sifnos is mostly renowned for its ceramics and fine cuisine. Let your dream come true in one of the following islands: Andros is the northernmost island of the group with a great naval tradition and no landscape like the postcards from the Cyclades: apart from the sandy beaches, there are rocky coastlines, mountain ranges alternating with fertile plains, lush vegetation and abundantly flowing streams. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Some people are using scooters, quads or buggies on the islands, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Don’t forget to go to the church above the village to enjoy a beautiful panorama of the island. You can book your tour right here. And if you want to enjoy the best beaches in Naxos, you can try: You will find all the detailed information about Naxos in my article:  The 10 best things to do in Naxos. Check out the arrival of every boat, to be sure you won’t miss yours and don’t hesitate to ask the staff if you’re taking the right boat. Menu. One of the best hikes on the island goes from Apollonia to Mount Profitis Ilias. The funny shapes of the rocks and their wonderful colours at the beautiful white sandy beaches are one expression of the volcanic features of Milos. Millions of Greek and foreign visitors come to the Cyclades every year to enjoy the dazzling light and the crystal blue waters, in the quest of the paradise on earth. Ideal for a relaxed holiday, Serifos is a typical Cycladic island with white villages, quiet harbours, golden beaches, bare hills and beautiful landscapes. In Ancient times, Paros was also renowned for its high-quality marble, used for many masterpieces, such as the “Venus de Milo”! The locals call their island “Nios” but its formal name comes from “ion”, the Greek name for the flower violet. Both are located close to Athens. Is it really useful to rent a car in the Cyclades? Once you’ve found the perfect spot, keep it carefully! There are nearly 100 km of marked trails and a dozen itineraries around the island. In the Port of Piraeus, Santorini, Naxos or in any other island, the waiting lines for the ferries aren’t well organized. To party in Mykonos? It’s a small archipelago of 4 islands inhabited islands (and dozens of smaller ones). One of the most enchanting yet less known islands of the Cyclades, Tinos is the religious centre of the country thanks to the church of Panayia Meyalóhari (the Blessed Virgin Mary). Gorgeous sandy beaches, architecture in white and blue, traditional lifestyle, folk music, warm, hospitable people and barren landscapes with isolated chapels turn a trip to the Cyclades into a lifetime experience. This map lists every island I’ve talked about in this Top 15 of the best Cyclades Islands. One of the most famous destinations worldwide and a favourite holiday spot of the jet set, Mykonos, is extremely beautiful and well known for its bare hills, the amazing sandy beaches, the white country chapels and the Cycladic architecture. km and a population of 366 residents. Pas encore inscrit ! Delos, the birth place of Apollo and Artemis, used to be a religious centre for the whole of Greece in the ancient times, as well as the principal trading port in the Eastern Mediterranean during the roman times. What is the best Cyclades Island to go hiking? ESPACE CANDIDAT Me connecter Pour vous connecter à votre compte Cyclades, saisissez votre adresse mail et votre mot de passe, puis cliquez sur Se connecter. Info for travelling by boat on greek islands! The other best things to see in Syros includes: The volcanic island of Milos is famous for its coastline: the strange rock formations and high cliffs plunging down to the sea are really breathtaking! Crescent-shaped Santorini (or Thíra), the precious gem of the Aegean, is actually a group of islands consisting of Thíra, Thirassiá, Asproníssi, Palea and Nea Kaméni in the southernmost part of Cyclades.

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