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We are now far outstripping Europe’s industry average for mobile transactions. In Europe, it’s almost the exact opposite. Elsewhere in the business, we’re using innovative technology to reimagine the customer’s travel experience. So, when you think about this, you then have a very different dynamic of high fragmentation, many airlines, and customers leaving their boundaries, and having a lot of uncertainty about managing all of this, from brands, from currency, from lots of other things. In 2010, Liligo was acquired by Voyages-SNCF.com. Under its four leading online travel agency brands – eDreams, GO Voyages, Opodo, Travellink, and the metasearch engine Liligo – it serves more than 17 million customers per year across 45 markets. Skift: How are you bringing down the marginal cost per acquiring a customer? Today, its current market capitalization is a quarter of that amount, at about $370 million. If I go to Germany, Opodo is number one. This is in development and will be progressively rolled out in fiscal year 2021. Dana Dunne, who joined eDreams ODIGEO as Chief Operating Officer in 2012, will replace Javier Pérez-Tenessa de Block who will remain with the Company as Honorary Chairman. litigation against the company by low-cost carrier Ryanair, Tripadvisor CEO on Selling Just The Right Tours And Activities. In the US, it’s an oligopoly. "In these circumstances these are good results demonstrating the relative strength of our business. Skift: Don’t some airlines already do that via their mobile apps? Chief Executive Officer at eDreams ODIGEO London, United Kingdom 500 connections. David Elizaga holds degrees in Business and Law from Universidad Pontificia de Comillas—ICADE. [51], EDreams was the first internet travel company in Europe[51] and first online travel agency in Spain. [49][50], EDreams Odigeo has five brands that offer flights, hotels, car rentals and vacation packages. First thing to know is we’re already besting our competitors. Click the PDF icon to download the full release. At eDreams we want to offer the best customer service, not only to help you while you book your next holiday but also to resolve any doubts or questions you may have before, during and after your trip.. Take a look at all the options below to contact … We are also better positioned than anyone else in the market to take advantage of this growth, with the leading mobile app in the industry, achieving 35% of all flight bookings – well ahead of the industry average of 24%. Join to Connect eDreams ODIGEO. Most of the eDreams Odigeo business is online travel agency-based. We are doing more to attract the best talent globally, too. What is the strategy now for Opodo - a once extremely well-known brand that some argue did not seize the opportunity taken by its rivals in the mid- to late-2000s? In the age of the internet, people want the freedom to search where and when they want, with speed and choice when it comes to booking. But nothing big picture. Skift: You’ve made a broader point that the airline market in Europe is fragmented. We will notify you — and we’re the only one by the way to do in this world — we will notify you of almost any flight in terms of what the gate is when you’re at the airport, if there’s a gate change. EDream's co-founder, Javier Perez-Tenessa, became the president of the holding group. eDreams ODIGEO (sometimes referred to as simply "eDreams") is a Spanish online travel company that was formed in 2011 as the successor of eDreams with the merger of online travel agencies eDreams and GO Voyages, and the acquisition of Opodo (which included Travellink). Skift: I have to ask about Ryanair having sued eDreams Odigeo over the use of trademarks in its Google AdWords campaigns, and how eDreams mentions Ryanair’s website. [32][33], The company received industry awards including "Best Online Travel Partner Global 2015" (CFI.co), "Best Flight Booking Website 2015" (British Travel Awards) and "Best international Expansion" (eAwards – EMOTA).[34][35][36]. When it comes to the OTA industry, the future is undoubtedly mobile. In the last financial year, we were able to implement over 6,000 new features across our various platforms, whilst testing new products and services on thousands of users each month. Our mission is to give customers the ability to build a unique travel plan that is right for them and that meets all their travel needs. By comparing employers on employee ratings, salaries, reviews, pros/cons, job openings and more, you'll feel one step ahead of the rest. From above, so to speak, there are the global giants, Expedia Inc., and Priceline Group. [23][24][25] However, after five months the stock price had fallen by 60%, reflecting the shared challenges of a difficult European IPO market. Are all of the eDreams Odigeo brands controlled by the center of the organization, or are they left to establish their own marketing and product strategies? In order to achieve this, our brands work together to harness technology, promote co-operation and encourage personal, as well as collective, excellence. Tags: ceo interviews, edreams, edreams Odigeo, edreams odigeo group Photo Credit: Dunne, the chief executive of eDreams Odigeo since 2015, has … We have automated benchmarking tools, and we’ve benchmarked 400,000 different itineraries. [21][22] It was the first company to go public in Spain since 2011. Dunne: The U.S. market dynamics are not the norm. Bags were the first, then seats. Prior to Dunne’s appointment as CEO in January 2015, he served as chief commercial officer of EasyJet and chief executive of AOL Europe. The OTAs and airlines will work jointly. You’re not necessarily destroying shareholder value, but you are going to leave opportunities to maximize shareholder value on the table if you go against customer preferences and trends. Our people work together to achieve a shared vision - becoming a one-stop shop for travel - and this helps guide employees in their work every day. Again, I was also asserting that Europe is more like the rest of the world, so when you think about it from a non-American context, there is a much greater value that eDreams Odigeo’s model can provide globally than many U.S.-based competitors can provide. All Rights Reserved. If I go to France, Go Voyages is number one. We can help maximize airlines’ capture of customers, maximize their yield and their revenue capture, and we can help them sell additional products and services. The eDreams Odigeo boss will be speaking at the flagship event in Los Angeles in November. We are changing the way in which we, collectively as an organization, operate. eDreams. Tags: ceo interviews, edreams, edreams Odigeo, edreams odigeo group Photo Credit: Dunne, the chief executive of eDreams Odigeo since 2015, has … At the end of the day, in most markets, the consumer ultimately wins. Importantly, we have looked after our people and are best prepared to lead the new world with our motivated, experienced teams. For us, it’s flights. That means we’re the number-one rated travel app in Europe. We are in phase three of our five-year transformation program and we are making demonstrable progress. [44][45][46] The policy gives travelers flexibility through the availability of a refund,[47][48] with a maximum refund limit per person. [28][29] Previous CEO Javier Perez-Tenessa became honorary chairman. Some questions about you... What did you learn during your time at both EasyJet and AOL that has helped you with running eDreams Odigeo? He also says his team is cutting the cost per booking that it spends on marketing while growing revenue at more than 10 percent a year. Beyond British Airways, most Brits are gonna think, “Okay, I know there’s a Turkish carrier, let me think what that’s called. Is it Air Turk? In the past five months, we’ve used our user experience lab over 150 times to test and trial our products and features with more than 1,800 customers and consumers who have not yet booked with us from different nationalities. If you look at the individual countries, in Spain and Italy, eDreams is number one. In a European context, you can provide tremendously more value. Perhaps the biggest was a change in how Google ranks search results, which had the knock-on effect of making eDreams Odigeo brands appear less prominently in searches and hurting sales. [42] The company announced it would transform its business model based on income diversification and price policy change. There are companies like MisterFly, which has appeared in France in the past couple of years, and other online travel agencies and metasearch brands rising, like Dutch company Otravo, and the Icelandic metasearch DoHop which sells a lot via Yandex in Russia. Dunne: I disagree. eDreams UK headquarters is run by an executive team. One of the things that airlines are really trying to do is they’re pushing to unbundle and create additional products out of the basic products that they have. Before joining eDreams ODIGEO in 2014 as Chief Customer Service Officer, Gerrit Goedkoop worked for Liberty Global the leading international TV and broadband company where he held the position of VP Customer Care Europe. For consumers, that means we’re taking existing products and making them best-in-class. What is the strategy behind that, and why not operate your accommodation bookings yourself, rather than feeding a rival? There are lots of things that are being unbundled in that. We’ve been making investments in this area for about a year, and we should reap the benefits within the next couple of years. Dunne: I would say the people first and foremost, in the sense of … You know, to be a bit pejorative, almost anybody can create a great PowerPoint presentation, but it stays only as a PowerPoint presentation until someone does something different. We have acted decisively to secure the appropriate liquidity for the business by drawing down partially the cash available through the Super Senior Revolving Credit Facility ("SSRCF"), together with the Company's prudent approach to cash management, which included swift actions to minimise costs; together with support from Governments where we operate and key business partners, we have sufficient liquidity to see this through. Nina Suter Head of Communications - Director +44 (0) 207 632 4037, eDreams ODIGEO: Strategic initiatives delivering growth, eDreams ODIGEO half year results to 30 September 2015, eDreams ODIGEO completes integration of its new technology platform, eDreams ODIGEO quarter ended December 31st 2014 results, eDreams lands in Japan, the world's second travel market, eDreams ODIGEO Quarter Ended June 2014 Results Presentation, eDreams ODIGEO prices its Initial Public Offering at €10.25 per offer share, eDreams ODIGEO appoints Dana Dunne as CEO. For me this has been a long journey, turning an idea into a successful global business, with presence in 43 countries, over 15 million customers and 5 global brands, and I am confident that Dana is the right person to lead the company going forward.”. Almost 80 percent of air travel is international, not domestic. Dunne: Well, because we’re number one in the marketplace, we’re not a niche. But more changes are needed before a conglomerate such as Ctrip would seriously consider buying it. Philip Wolf who joined the Board in April 2014 has been appointed Non-Executive Chairman, with immediate effect. Amadeus took a controlling stake in the company in 2004, and increased its stake to 99.74 percent in 2008. EDreams Odigeo has five brands that offer flights, hotels, car rentals and vacation packages. Machine-based learning, a form of algorithmic analysis that presents customers with the most relevant offers, is anticipating the specific needs of individual travellers. In 2009, Amadeus took control of 100 percent of Opodo's stake after acquiring AirLingus' shares. Welcome to eDreams ODIGEO Connect We enable you to distribute your property in a dynamic package on Europe's #1 flight OTA, eDreams ODIGEO. We are well positioned to thrive in the post COVID-19 era and seize the opportunity as customers migrate to our trusted brands in an accelerating digitalising world. [41] In March 2018, it was reported that Odigeo would not accept the unsolicited offers from potential investors. We develop once and push out to 43 countries, 20 languages, 30 currencies and four brands. The problem is that flights have lower commissions and profits than hotels and car rentals, on average. Dunne: As you’ve noted, if you look at us, we are 80 percent flights, and they’re not. As a company, we find ourselves in an advantageous position as leader of the European online leisure travel market - an accolade we’ve retained for several years now. In the OTA ecosystem, the ability and willingness to continually adapt and improve is one of the keys to success. One of our biggest strengths is our ability to balance our size with a high level of agility to deliver new features. Listed on the Spanish Stock Market, eDreams ODIGEO works with 664 airlines and has partnerships with 130. The top four airlines control almost 75 percent of seats flown. Our passion is travel, our business is technology, but it is the incredible work of our colleagues that makes us one of the world’s most successful online travel agencies. Gerrit Goedkoop is the Chief Operating Officer of eDreams ODIGEO (EDR: SM). Dunne: Now on a global basis, it’s difficult to tell, but we are up there with Expedia, and they may be slightly larger than us in flights, but we have the scale and the focus to absolutely compete and actually take market share. Dunne: Now there may be some niche players in certain parts of the market that may be growing faster than us, but again, also when you have a much lower base, if you’re starting from 1 as opposed to 100, it’s very different. As we provide more tailored services for customers, whether that be a good value and convenient flight, or a range of ancillary product options, we’re seeing more customers using our business as a one-stop travel shop. The qualities and capabilities of our people have come to the fore with collaboration and focus during the crisis. A customer only needs a minute-and-a-half to book on us, on average. For Prior to his appointment as CEO in January 2015, Dana Dunne held the role of President & Chief Operating Officer at eDreams ODIGEO since 2012. We anticipate substantial change to the way we travel. Prior to his appointment as CEO in January 2015, Dana Dunne held the role of President & Chief Operating Officer at eDreams ODIGEO since 2012. Each and every one of our brands is tied together by a core promise to help people discover their world through travel. Let me get the exact figures here to make this point…. Why is that? Dunne: Flights don’t work so well as a commission business in the U.S. because of market dynamics, but they have higher commissions, on average, in Europe. Javier Pérez-Tenessa – co-founder and CEO of eDreams and ODIGEO Dana Dunne – president and COO of ODIGEO Mauricio Prieto – co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of eDreams and ODIGEO Skift: So how does that help eDreams Odigeo? It’s a key pillar of our transformation. This is what makes us the number-one flight retailer in Europe, and one of the top two providers in most main European markets. [61], Philip Wolf serves as chairman and Javier Perez-Tenessa is honorary chairman. For example, in Germany we remain the number-one flight retailer, with high levels of customer satisfaction, loyalty and customer advocacy. The first one is around supplier concentration. Inevitably things come up, which means this isn’t always achievable, but I think it’s a good discipline. In the year 2000, the company moved its headquarters to Barcelona, Spain, and launched in the Spanish and Italian markets, becoming the first online travel agency to offer its services in Spain. Point taken. If you try to create a business model against customer desires, against customer trends, then on average you’re gonna lose. What’s more, an increasing number of European customers are flying there and back with a different airline to save money. 116 West 32nd Street, New York, NY 10001 U.S. | Telephone: +1 860 350-4084, Sounding Off - PhocusWire's weekly editorial, Airbnb's IPO registration shows it's ready to join the big leagues, LIVE BLOG: Coronavirus and the travel industry - impact and recovery, Travel companies ask European regulators to enforce Google dominance decision, Super app Gojek gets $150M investment to help drive Indonesia's digital economy, VIDEO: Trueface - Summit pitch winner at Phocuswright Conference 2020, VIDEO: Cloudbeds - Launch pitch winner at Phocuswright Conference 2020, Tripadvisor adds warning label to Thailand hotel that jailed guest, What travel companies can do now to prepare for recovery, Understanding new generation hospitality solutions, The future always belongs to the leaders who shape it, Empowering travel brands to optimize marketing during challenging times. You book on a mobile. Sounds like you’re focusing on slices of slices of a discounted market. Javascript is required for this site to display correctly. In 2010, Axa acquired Go Voyages and Permira acquired eDreams. Dunne: By the way, you should know that I used to be the chief commercial officer of easyJet, so I have a solid understanding of the airline supply market. The company operates in Hungary. EDreams Odigeo has had a high-profile and long-running feud with Ryanair over alleged "screen-scraping." Essential to this is our diverse range of relationships with partners, suppliers and intermediaries that provide us with a comprehensive and in-depth view of the sector. Although I’m not sure whether it’s more a gift or a curse! Brands. That covers over 90 percent of all commercial flights flown in the entire world. We are growing faster than the average competitor. eDreams ODIGEO | 33,615 followers on LinkedIn | We are shaping the way people travel today and tomorrow. They are more of a partner than a competitor of ours. Dunne and his team have had their work cut out for them. PhocusWire talks to leaders across travel technology and distribution... Click here to read them all. The culture shift is huge, but it takes time to pay dividends. Chief Executive Officer at eDreams ODIGEO London, United Kingdom 500 connections. Budgetplaces was a great acquisition for us. Let’s say London to Istanbul. [10][11], EDreams ODIGEO was created in June 2011 when eDreams merged with Go Voyages and Opodo, the three largest European online travel agencies, through two private equity firms, AXA Private Equity and Permira Funds. [26] The stock later stabilized, with significant gains in share price including 160% gain in 2016. That lets us deliver speedier results. By definition, we don’t own hotels, aircraft or cars, but we make sure our customers can access these services through our various partnerships. It will. Below are some executive team members name of eDreams UK corporate office UK. Generally, I try to keep about 15% of my diary free. Dana Dunne has a proven track record at high profile, international telecoms and media companies, including his role as Chief Executive Officer and Head of AOL Europe Sarl, a Division of AOL LLC. 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