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Generally it can be said is the women with AS or HFA score higher on this score than men. If you are happy with your life then I’d say you don’t need to be “treated.” Everyone is different: introverted, extroverted, etc. I find the same thing that I really don’t like going out and being with people much, except for a select few friends and my girlfriend and my family. (Was able to talk him out of doing that.) Absolutely HATE social gatherings. Age: 16 I’am so different .. Im 14 and got 43 I am a very socially awkward person what should I do. I’m not looking to take this any further,just knowing myself,makes so much of what has happened more understandable,and i probably just need to cut myself a little slack and be proud of the way i’ve managed to negotiate these 57 years,and perhaps give myself a little pat on the back. Thought I’d check this out since I do feel very “different” than everybody else and don’t have a lick of social skills as far chit chat goes. People has started taking vacations from me because I wont stop talking about the same thing. Was nearly hospitalized by my shrink. There are other people with similar traits. x. However my daughter seem to have lots of difficulties. other, to present a sufficiently disabled picture to the evaluators. It was hard on me very. I frequently notice sounds others don’t, but if the sound continues long enough, others will certainly here it also. I’m a software engineer. My only issues are when no-one will make appointments for me because “I’m a big girl now”. There are many other symptoms which this test does not touch upon. I tried to be as honest as possible, yet i find it strange that i got a lower score than the average person. Oh well. Male // Age 26 // Tested 34 // Musician/Artist. I’ve rarely had a ‘close friendship’ that lasted over 6 months in my life. If it’s this bad for me, I can’t imagine how bad it must be for you. My little sister (she’s 9) scored a 36. To the young people (teenagers) who did the test. and born part deaf and had seen specialist about my speach and always had problems socilising with others I’ve had some counselling to help me make sense of things which has helped a lot. Now, to get myself diagnosed, officially, is going to come next…. I am 32 yrs old, just took the test and scored 42. I have a blatant disreguard for popularity, I only really care about individual intellect. Even recreational ones. KNOWING what one has, and why one might have issues fitting in, HELPS, because we can then learn what it is, and how to minimize the severity of characteristics that make life harder. Am I on the spectrum, or am I just a weird kid? Thank you for your help. Important to remember that Aspergers is a syndrome – not a disorder. I also suffered multiple embolic strokes 3 years ago which have also muddied the waters,as i now suffer from a broken short term memory,short attention span,poor concentration,overwhelmed in group situations and have frequent emotional swings,and other cognitive issues. My brother has Aspergers and ADHD and my mum was sure I had it too. Do I enjoy parties? What this test should help reveal is each of our natural inclinations and that’s important to know where the “gaps” will occur in interacting with others. (You taxpayers paid for this. Like many above have said,life just seems so much easier when you can always apply logic. 3. Why? Just having witnesses and speaking ones truth helps a lot! I, do however, have quite a large number of the symptoms listed. My dyspraxia is much worse, it has caused me a history of problems. Or does being a liar mean you have an imagination, she has no idea she’s making anything up. On this test I scored 35, which is probably about right. I suspect that some things on this test can be misconstrued. Autism Spectrum Quotient (AQ) (Child) - … I find communication in an appropriate manner hard to figure out,although I’m perfectly ok in a social setting. She was describing her thought processes. I know something is very wrong but I don’t know how to fix myself. If I have it it can only be very mild, and i´m sure to some degree all people will have some symptom. Certain questions just didn’t seem specific enough, or relevant. Thank God. This is a free test online so its sure fire not that accurate. Adult Autism Center, Mental Health Department, Health Unit ASL Città di Torino, Turin, Italy​, Copyright © 2020 Autism Research Centre There is absolutely nothing ” wrong ” in having a high count in the spectrum. Info: I have not been officially “diagnosed” with any of this. I am a female teenage who is known as a person with cretin weird things about me. I have a son with Autism and three other people in my immediate family have autism. Download. What does this mean? My husband and I both took the test and he scored a 22 and I a 10. I find it extremely stressful dealing with office politics and expressing myself clearly and knowledgably. I’m 20 and took the test and scored 39. I have my degree in speech pathology and have assisted other young children coping with autism spectrum disorders, and I do the same with my son. I’m always happy. Oh and if anyone got a score of 32 or higher, don’t click on the Asperger’s Survival Guide link. And I don´t like sunny days cause it´s uncomfortable for the eyes. 5. However, occasionally when I behave in a way which my mother finds odd, she says that what I am doing is typical of somebody with autism. I got a 43 and i am 16 and i absolutely hate talking to people and listing to anything while i am trying to think deeply with care. Recently my husband came with me to a ukulele club that I started in the local pub as I couldn’t face meeting all those people alone. There have been some great programs on NPR about asbergers which may help you guys as much as they have helped me. (Credit: Attenuation of Typical Sex Differences in 800 Adults with Autism vs. 3,900 Controls) Additional scoring information can be found in the section titled Scoring … she scored a 35 on this quiz. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. I have a lot of problems with social situations similar to how other people on here have described, and I don’t tend to get as close to others as I probably should. Sensory processing disorder. I do know this though, I am a good masker. It can omly be taken with grain salt, but even if i get an official diagnosis from a profressional help, I wouldnt still believe it. I was also diagnosed with “sensory sensitivity” I don’t know what that has to do with anything. Also my thought process seems always hazed, especially if someone asks me things on the spot, to then come out with a stupid answer. Qualified Accountant but it took a few attempts as I am not that bright. Failed a test on Depression and failed to score on the Johari Window test. I try to fit in. I’ve know he’s not been *normal* since he was a baby! But I never really feel like an outcast nor out of place. But it really does make a difference to know that borderline Aspergers Syndrome is part of the explanation. My observation: self-knowledge is the starting place for anyone who must interact with the rest of society, Aspergers or not. Hello. Is it possible that because my Mum introduced me to books and drawing things that I am like this? Good luck to you all. Do I want the “stigma” this would bring? I’m 33 and working on a Ph.D. in musical digital signal processing, I pick up highly technical subjects with ease, am naturally fascinated with science, and am also a talented musician and accomplished artist. My Grandfather was obsessed with keeping the same routine. Nonetheless social deficiency is a big one to have. A few months ago we were talking about football in the pub and when I spoke I said something like “I got 6 of the nicest oranges I have ever tasted at Tesco this morning”. Doesn’t seem fair, does it? I was bullied in school but as I was lucky enough to have been given great self confidence thanks to my mother I did ok, I got my degree, went on did another short course and now on a masters, still no job though wish I had gotten help sooner or someone had noticed or cared in school or in college though as I also have ADD which obviously doesn’t help, I used to depressed and have a terrible temper (still do but understanding the cause is of some help), I’m lucky to have a bf who understands my condition and accept me for who I am, I’ve always found it easier to care about animals more than humans anyone else have that? My daughter’s sensitivity & unease has always led her to animals – now she’s desperate for a horse! I’m not surprised really. I am 54 and got a score of 19. This info may save my marriage, I am this desperate! I only scored 17 although I have made hardly any social relationships. Test result 47. Big speech delay, and can get obsessed with certain things for periods. I have said enough. I am 21 and just scored a 43, ive always been called awkward and the only friends I had growing up was my mentally handicapped cousin and a friend I made at school who is schizophrenic and has multiple personalities. I hate change. Relevant Trivia: I’m 18 and I scored a 40 as well I was diagnosed with PDD-NOS but was borderline Asperger’s. The former isn’t a rhetorical question. I never fitted in even with my own family of parents and 3 siblings. Disagree: 1,8,10,11,15,17,24,25,27,28,29,30,31,32,34,36,37,38,40,44,47,48,49,50: 1 point It’s not that I don’t want to hang out with them, it’s just that I don’t really know how to plan these things. My son was diagnosed with Aspergers when he was 16. Agree: 2,4,5,6,7,12,13,16,20,21,22,23,26,33,39,41,42,43,46: 1 point So yeah, a 23. %��������� State and Fed Gov’t fundings are stretched or gone. On one hand I’m relived to know my symptoms are not unique. More information can be gained by signing up for our free course. People don’t bother me, I don’t mind what they think. I have, as I mentioned, mostly learned to compensate. I know that I’m not nearly comfortable enough in social situations and I probably suffer from slight social anxiety. ... Sensory Perception Quotient (SPQ)(Adult) - 35 items - Italiano. Other people seems to navigate the grey areas and move on, while my entire mental process shuts down and refuses to reboot until the situation has been wiped from my memory (generally aided by my single-minded obsession with fiction). People call me shy but I cant see myself as one. I’m not sure about this test. and when i am forced to go to parties everyone just comments how awkward i am and i barely talk to anyone and they only time i can talk is if i have a few drinks, then all i do is ramble on about things i know like hockey or music, I am 14 and I got 46. I also used to talk to my kids in the 3rd person, saying things such as “your mom’s not going to be happy when she sees that you haven’t set the table yet”, something I did to prompt them to do something without actually scolding them, but my step daughter informed me how strange it was do speak in such a manner. The test gradings are based on statistical analysis so professional medical advice should be requested following higher test results of 32 or more. V{� Autism and Aspergers are both an umbrella syndrome that includes plenty within the parameters you’ve described. At infants school I often stood in a corner facing the wall when we were in the playground because I had no one to play with. I find myself wanting to help people with logical explanations and solutions, but they sometimes fall out of what is socially acceptable and I tend to not understand why. I suppose, for the most part, I am more comfortable being a bit of mystery to others than a spectacle, or, worst of all, someone to be (needlessly) pitied. Age 17, got a score of 35. I like logical series but hate everyday numbers like phone numbers or adresses, i often cant remember this things but i can can remember avogadros number and lightspeed if i do some memory. The real reason we actually went there is because of my depression which I also have. i’d always get into trouble for things i didn’t even realise i was doing. these are all aspurgers traits, so i know for a fact that i have it. I write this to ask you guys, what has been your approach, how can we teach others that Aspergers is real, and that there is more than just the high level of autism out there. At this young age, don’t make this test a self-fulfilling prophecy but use it as a tool for your self-development as you enter adulthood. Yes, I think it is possible. ps Michelle – yes always easier to be with animals! I can figure things on my mind very well, and i have no trouble creating stories only if im not pretending to lie to someone. thanks. I spend a majority of my time fighting to maintain a routine and persuing my interests like sociology, politics, plants, understanding the world and tinkering. So, I wonder, is it worth pursuing diagnosis? I like repetition and therefore see the same tv series, movies or read books that I like several times. I’m 20 and I got a score of 30. The Autism-Spectrum Quotient Test (abbreviated to AQ) is a diagnostic questionnaire designed to measure the expression of Autism-Spectrum traits in an individual, by his or her own subjective self-assessment.. I have been married for 33 years,have 2 great children and i suppose i have adapted to a certain extent,to seem relatively normal to most people,though those that know me well (especially family) know that i am different. Wow! Some questions I could identify with a tick in the box even before I had finished reading the answers and the start to the next question. As a child, I loved aquarium fish and at eight I could tell you the proper nitrate/nitrite and Ph levels for keeping various species. It’s a relief to have a name for my odd-ness, as I have been in and out of depression since my teens. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, Vol. My social interactivity has improved massively since my School/University days and my main “obsession” centres around numbers and patterns. I thought these feelings would subside as I grew up, but I still feel awkward a lot of the time, even with close family these feelings sweep over me…. The consultation costing $169. Thank you. I display some tendencies of autism – I find it hard to tell the difference between jokes and seriousness and sarcasm is lost on me, but I’m very social, I can engage with people well and I do, plus I’m interested in a lot of different topics. I read up on this and even wrote a ten page paper on it for school and I do fit most of the criteria. Hmmmm….this explains a lot but will need to get this checked properly. How would my family feel? Maths is my main interest and I am taking my GCSE maths in Year 9. Ultimately, I guess I feel that an official diagnosis would require me to disclose that diagnosis to the more important people in my life, and I don’t know that I want to do that. Learning how your brain works, helps. That is my true calling. 1-16 I’d def have just said I was an alien, that really neatly captures it all. Maybe not immediately available, but keep trying and someone out there will be able to help you. Is being very indecisive with new situations also a sign? I was diagnosed with PDD-NOS, but I was close to Asperger’s syndrome. I do feel slightly relieved though, it explains a lot , also dyslexic, mad into computers and art , I’m 13 and I scored a 22…I do have autistic traits…I’m shy towards new people, very social and kind of comfortable towards close friends, I have high logical reasoning and IQ…and I’m at the top of my middle school (I hope I get to Stuy~)…Hmmm…I guess my mom was right about me. I’m 48 years old and i scored 37 on the test.I am transgendered (m2f) and have just started transitioning. I took this test on behalf of my mother, who just scored very high. Maybe it’s time I saw a professional to get a little advice. I guess I’ve kinda learned and immitated what others do over the years. I always believe Im normal and functioning fine. My friends and family call me a nerd and a stick in the mud. Have 8yo diagnosed asp at 3 and another daughter poss undiag Just took this quiz out of curiosity, since they are suspecting that my daughter of 4 might have it. Age now 62, I was 31 when Asperger’s research was first translated into English. I have always done better in maths and sciences. Hi All, I am 47 and have always known that I was uneasy and uncomfortable in the majority of situations. i also can’t take a joke and don’t usually get sarcasm. Exactly mine. On this particular self-test, I scored a 41. We are both attached to our pets, and love our horse! any help will be greatly appreciated . I’m 24 and scored a 31 and was for sure that I am. Now when I am being pedantic about something my partner reminds me… and I back off. I’m also very observent and can tell what people feel, think, etc. I live in the sunshine coast in queensland, is there someone that i can call or people that i can speak too??? Got a 43 on this test. 31, No. I am 20 and I scored a 31. I’ve been doing research, and I finally took this test just for clarification, and I’m greatly relieved to have a sort-of clarification. i usually compare my self to Pink from Pink floyd the Wall. I think I’m well-adjusted now because I’ve learned how to respond in social situations by imitating the behavior of others over the years. I have been “officially” diagnosed with Aspergers and scored a 41. !�B3���f��C�u�^ �8;ET���1*K=TC��Fc��62fW�5�Dl�}o+=�㝂��r���%�� ��j\T��Cyz�!Eƻ�����M��#�4~�W�9�b�C������ȁ��FJ�=뢼̒���T�t�JQ��I2���0�i�NG�]��)E�����@����ȁ€�� �~�g�p�%C���T�z(X�5$���o6�J��/T1�PobA��ᆅ��}n e�ul�-�����ٓo��hiq����c'��FK��#f&C�>6���[���e�"�PA����2R���|~ΤV�i ��oآ�,����7��5�A��X`�u$V���y�o2"�����S��%��&k�d )[#�.,��ُ���(���In�����#G���[�� I was very, very shy and I have taught myself “routines” to cope with social situations. “I took this test; it looks like a fairly high score, but I’m not sure how to interpret it properly; would you please evaluate this, and help me get the help I need?” I’m not sure how it will help except maybe it will help me to make sense of my life and why I am the way I am. I’m 37, and got a score of 44. If this test is a good guide, it certainly explains a lot for me. We often get asked what a low score on the AQ means and what we can say is that this indicates a low level of autistic tendencies. I was completely emotional over the fat pencil and no eraser, but she got in my face and yelled that I was not going to be able to change any answer and would not be able to look at any one else’s paper this time. It’s not that I harbour ill will or hostility towards them, I just don’t understand people’s cloying need for socializing. For those of you have taken the AQ / Autism Test, you are probably wondering what the results mean. I have often been referred to as the go to person at work to investigate the complex problems that may crop up. I hope this test can help others too! Social situations make my skin crawl. I took it a couple of yrs back & scored 42.Now what? Dead pleased. As a small child I was allegedly diagnosed with mere traces of autism, although I have never been tested at all since then. She doesn’t recognize social cues, and we’ve often thought she was just being selfish cause she didn’t notice or seem to care about anyone else. The Adolescent Empathy Spectrum Quotient (EQ) Ages 12-15 years: Scoring Key. I think as I have gotten older I have learned social skills. I walk in the room and start talking to strangers and engage in social communication easily. When in a comfortable setting, I sing a narration of what I am doing…. Even when I’m around people, I’ve always been considered the acquaintance or the ‘quiet one’ who people tended to leave out of their social circle. I knew I belonged to the world of the Internet, not real life. I was always curious if I had this. I’ve been told that I have Autism spectrum but taking this test it occurs to me that the questions are vague enough to be interpreted many ways. there is nothing to make me unhappy. I cant tell whats going on with my surroundings and completely cant read the atmosphere in social interactions. It has not been until recently that began to consider this. It is a collection of symptoms or responses, not all of which may be present in any one individual. Or is it that 90, 95, 99% of adults fall below 32? I guess I finally had success in that old saying “When you can fake sincerity, you’ve got it made!”. ), i scored 27, im not really sure whether i have it or not really, i am sensitive to noise though which i heard is a part of it, and also i hate silence, a bit of a contridictary, i hate silent places, makes me really anxious, not good for exams. I have, however, learned to make friends and maintian rleationships…. 26, i scored 24. I’m thinking of going to see the G. P and to get a proper diagnosis. Keep doing this test once a year. I have friends who would have scored a 40 and family who would have scored 50. I can’t maintain conversations with people or know what to say to the man on the bus or in the shops, hence why I always use the self service check-out. In school I was really good in maths and scored A’s but found it to be mind numbingly boring, I never liked physics and I remember someone trying to teach me chess when I was little – and I thought it was the most boring thing in the world – still doesn’t look appealing (I do have friends that like chess thou). It affects both my personal and professional life, and it’s an unending struggle, and I’m tired.

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