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There is a test designed for children that might be more appropriate and it’s meant to be completed by parents. I was surprised at how many don’t know I had to tick – or rather leave. Now I “pas” extremely well; people consider me friendly and warm, funny and sometimes awkward but not in a bad way (I think, lol). For example, when The Scientist is interested in something, he gets deeply absorbed in it, much like an aspie with a special interest. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Now, about a decade later, the congregation I attend at the moment has hired a new pastor and I really, really enjoy discussing with him, for finally after all these years there is someone who straddles all the aspects from historical viewpoint to pentecoastal phenomena in a way I can relate to. Looking at the date of the more recent comments, it seems like there isn’t much going on here, but if anyone has input on why I can’t seem to be able to answer consistently (I’ve contemplated all questions again and again to answer each truthfully), it would be extremely appreciated. Funny, the first time I took it i got AS: 92/200 NT: 117/200. I didn’t think my problems were so serious because I’ve had a lot of physical health problems and thought that once I got well things would be better. I’m not a religious person (in the sense of organized religion) but when I’m running or hiking or doing something in nature, I often feel that sense of “breathing before God” that you mention. Out of 45 traits, the only thing that did not fit was the friendlessness. Also,music has been a safety valve for me a lot of my life, perhaps taking the place of more unusual behaviour. It took me a while to accept that. I Have read with great interest all the above, I was never diagnosed, because back in the 60’s, all the parents were busy with their lives and kids just had to get on with it. I actually have no idea why that’s happening. The societal stereotype of Asperger’s is just one of more obvious coping strategies. I actually have many symptoms. That makes a lot of sense. It came up when I google searched quizzes. I took it this morning, inspired by Spectrum Scribe’s post. This is an interactive online Asperger’s test for Adults.The questions will vary in complexity based on your age and gender. I suspect if there had been more diagnosis, or at least awareness of Asperger’s, that things perhaps might have been different though? I’m also very interested in the difference between dyspraxia/NVLD and Asperger’s, as that was the diagnosis I had for 5 years before I got Asperger’s confirmed early this year. . With two kids on the spectrum, there’s a good chance that you may be too. I don’t have any direct experience with medication so I can’t speak to this but hopefully someone else who does will be able to answer. There are others, especially those involving mimicry of others, that are only now being given recognition. Then I confided a few of my reasons for wondering about Aspergers, things I’ve never told anyone. But I do sing at awkward moments, there is no denying that. You don’t need to register if you prefer not to. If you have social anxiety related to sensory overload or atypical social skills, then therapy aimed at simply changing how you think about socializing will probably fail. Interesting. The traits you describe are all things I can totally relate to. that makes me feel a bit less crazy. In my country (the Netherlands) it’s one of the things they ask about first, and you can’t get diagnosed without it. Yesterday I didn’t recognize our youth pastor because he was working in a distances with a T-Shirt I have never seen him in and his hair was messy. as I get older I am taking less risks trying to get to know people, as I have made too many failures in the past. , hi musingsofanaspie, I hope you’re well. This would have explained a lot of things growing up! There have been a few people here with similar results, showing both aspie and NT traits. You are very likely an Aspie, There are differences in the way the traits are groups between the earlier tests and now. I’m glad you felt comfortable enough to share your experience and I hope this is a helpful answer. Although some of the tests you’ll find on the internet are used as part of a diagnostic battery, it’s important to remember than an official diagnosis includes additional elements such as neuropsychological testing, observation by a psychiatrist, an assessment of childhood development and interviews with family members. For example, it had never occurred to me that spinning, walking on tiptoe, or sitting upside down could be sensory seeking; I only knew I shouldn’t be doing them at a place or time when I would be disrupting someone else. | Any advice on seeking an adult dx in US? A formal diagnosis can only be made by a qualified doctor. I wasn’t aware that there was a third possible outcome. Trait: ASD & NT; My graph consistantly looks like a blowfish. The main reason I took the quiz was because I identified with some of the traits, like not recognising faces, staring at people’s mouths when they talk, and the whole detachment from the conventional expectations of society thing… (close friends have informed me recently that I need to get a life, which apparently involves wanting things that I don’t actually want). I tend to over research things. No idea whether that’s partly refinement, and / or partly being more aware of myself. We/I do not use it as a diagnostic tool, not at all. I don’t know what to do or how to proceed… I know that this post was ages ago.. It did help that one of the younger generation has been diagnosed – that opened a door when that happened. I have read your book (very helpful and concise!) I’ve always had this idea that people with Aspergers were content to be completely reclusive, and were all really good at maths (a grand generalisation, I know!). I’m especially in love with this sentence from the abstract: “The idea that neurodiversity was at the extreme end of a normal distribution was not supported, rather it was found that neurodiversity had its own normal distribution overlapping typical traits.”. I was labelled gifted in public school and graduated from high school and college with honors, but find menial work much easier than work where much is expected of me. . I think the aspie quiz, though it isn’t used officially, is probably the most accurate of the tests available. For example, when The Scientist is interested in something, he gets deeply absorbed in it, much like an aspie with a special interest. I really thought most people were almost as stressed out by social interaction as I was. ( Log Out /  I think that, as you say, everyone has certain traits that are also markers for autism, but the difference between being on the spectrum or not is a matter of degree. (Obviously I have some issues.) I found a working memory test that I want to include as part of Take-a-Test Tuesday because I think mine is poor as well. ( Log Out /  I made the test three times, and always scored with 150 aspie. Getting so perplexed. My mind can go pretty blank when I look at maths. I then talked about the traits I felt I had and he seemed receptive – he certainly didn’t “pronounce definitively that I was wrong”, as he had done the last time I had raised the subject. My husband thought I was watching TV the other day while we were talking. test. Luckily things seem to have improved greatly in the last decade with typical female presentations being recognised by most experts and from that more ‘atypical’ presentations recognised across the board, but it still varies greatly by region and whether you’re referred to someone who believes strongly in things like ‘extreme male brain’ or the old gendered stereotype. I made it clear to the neuropsychologist who diagnosed me that my primary goal in seeking a diagnosis was to better understand myself. And look at you, knocking it out of the park on your score. I’m glad you’ve found a way to get evaluated – self-advocacy is so important, even though it can be hard and demoralizing to keep encountering people who buy into the old stereotypes about autism. , That’s only partly correct, According to the DSM the ‘only’ differences in terms of schizophrenia criteria are that schizophrenics have ‘bizzare’ delusions and ‘voices are a running comentary of ones thoughts’. Nobody around me knows this, but it takes all of my love for God to work through it and try to look like I am not totally misplaced. Whatever path life takes you on, best of luck with it! I scored a 142/200 in the Aspie and 67/200 in the neurotypical. You’d be surprised how many parents make the same discovery about themselves after a child is diagnosed. It’s surprisingly common for adults to get a bunch of overlapping diagnoses to explain their traits when a single ASD diagnosis (or ASD plus something) would be a much better answer. I’m on the younger side, and trying to figure out how to tell my parents about my suspicions. I can make smalltalk/idle chatter a bit, but I have no desire to keep in touch or communicate further than that, because without a lot of common ground I have nothing to say, and no interest in saying anything. Hope this helped rather than creating more confusion! Thoughts? I diagnose myself (!) I basically wrote the thing that I wished I’d been able to find when I was trying to figure out to get evaluated. His Aspie score was 128 and NT was 59. Once your complete the test, you will receive a comprehensive analysis (displayed both on screen, and also to you sent by email) with a full report of your Asperger’s quotient and areas where you show strong Aspie symptoms. However, the mean is an average, so it can be anything between 0 and 2. Also Dr Tony Attwoods Complete Guide To Asperger’s Syndrome, talks about someone with asperger’s having the delusional belief that they had super natural powers. There is a short explanation about the “hunting” questions in the detailed quiz results, tying the questions to cooperative vs. passive hunting traits. Finding this today has made me realize I’m not weird. It turns out that NVLD is diagnosed by an objective standardised test, the WAIS, giving a cognitive profile of several different cognitive abilities on an IQ scale. I’ve always thought that I wasn’t quite neurotypical, so this really shines some light on what I might be. Thanks . You are very likely an Aspie This world is quite scary, but if I managed to survive all those miserable years, I think I can survive to the end of my days. It’s very calming and centering. There are a lot of new questions in the contact and attachment areas. To this day I play strategy games by myself and use them to understand how the world works. More than once I’ve wondered if we aspies are more qualified to diagnosis ourselves than the experts are to render an opinion on us. Not so different. Instead, it groups with stims and contact behaviors. Obviously there are questions on the Aspie Quiz that are aspie indicators but will be answered positively by NTs. Just ramblings. I am so thankful to have stumbled across this blog and to feel like maybe there is a reason for all of this. I took the test just for fun as I am/was (?) There are lots of stereotypes out there and most of them are both stigmatizing and way off base. I got told that was a self esteem problem. When I was a little kid, I couldn’t understand why children of the same gender didn’t want to play with me. For me, rocking and toe walking have been the major discoveries. hmmmmmmm lots to think about in a good way. that was a curious little/long quiz. save IP addresses or other personal information. Thanks for sharing all this great info. I am daily thrown into an abyss of situations I would prefer never to face, so I had to do a whole lot of growing. Doesn’t tell me much, though. Yes, that’s very true. I’m disappointed I couldn’t get a “score.”. I feel like I’m going around with a big sign on me now cos it’s so obvious what I am. But that’s the great thing about life . So it’s entirely up to you and it’s not something you have to rush into or decide on right away. Just came across this blog post after browsing a little more fully into this website. I seriously consider to invite some professional filers to come and declutter my office! Quizzes always tie me up in knots though. Rdos has also written about how the Aspie Quiz compares to the Autism-Spectrum Quotient (AQ) test, which has high validity as a diagnostic instrument. I mean what can they do? However, sometimes I would rather be NT dominant, because I am socially retarded, and I tend to forget things, and these problems cause people to dislike me, espeially at work. . Yet, I absolutely know that it is only in recent years that I have truly begun to meltdown and feel exhausted at times; I have “managed” and “adapted” for so long in such busy environments; I teach High School Modern Languages!! I just finished taking that quiz you mentioned and my scores were indicative of this as well. I would much prefer to be in one camp or another rather than in limbo land! I wanted to share my ‘spiderweb’ too. Yesterday I ventured way way way outside my comfort zone to record an interview on Autism Spectrum Radio. My know-it-all comment on the Ekblad paper was not addressed to you, the expert, but to new readers going through this particular thread.

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